Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bluetooth Blues in Kubuntu Gutsy

Got a replacement Bluetooth dongle from MSI only to find out that I can't send files from my Nokia phone to my Kubuntu Gutsy. Turns out that this bug has already been reported at So for those looking for a quick bluetooth fix, here's a little howto:

1) download kdebluetooth_1.0-beta8-0quickpackage_i386.deb from


2) cd to your download directory

3) Install it

dpkg -i kdebluetooth_1.0-beta8-0quickpackage_i386

You have to uninstall kbluetooth and libkbluetooth prior to installing this package. Don't worry, this deb would installed it' patched packages.
If your system also uninstalls bluetooth, just reinstall it.

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