Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Lost FC3 Installation CD's

Aaargh! I lost my FC3 CD's. I can't remember whether I lend it to someone or because of my incompetence and stupidity, just misplaced them. And to think, it took me 7 weeks to download FC3 on my PC. I just hope that downloading FC4 won't take longer than 7 weeks. I download torrent files from 12MN to 8AM using a dialup connection. Hey, I can't afford DSL or Cable. Besides, a PhP100.00 Inter.Net card lasts for 3 months if I use it only at this time. I'm a cheap-ass motherfucker!

A Stress-Free Weekend

It's time for me to reformat & reinstall my system. Been backing up important files & downloads. Prepared my Installation Disks, including the Product Keys for Windows and other serials for my windows softwares.... no they're not cracked. Here's my future setup.

Seagate 40GB - HDA

10GB - Windows XP SP2 - Primary Partition
2GB - Swap - Primary Partition
3GB - Vector Linux Root - Logical Partition
8GB - Vector Linux Home - Logical Partition
1GB - Puppy Linux - Logical Partition
4GB - Windows 2000 Advanced Server - Logical Partition
10G - FAT32 Shared Drive - Logical Partition

Seagate 20GB - HDC

3GB - Windows 2000 Professional - Primary Partition
1GB - Windows Millenium Edition - Logical Partition
1GB - Windows 98 2nd Edition - Logical Partition
6GB - Reserved for Ubuntu Linux
8GB - Reserved for Gentoo Linux

In case you haven't noticed, I love reinstalling everything at least every 2 years. It wipes out junk files and speed things up. Besides after reinstalling Windows, you'll notice a big difference when it comes to speed & performance. Give it a few days of surfing & playing games and you'll want to reinstall it again.

Once everything in Windows XP & 2000 AS has been setup properly including the softwares that I need, I'm gonna ghost it to a CD. That way, reinstalltion would be a cinch next time.

Why not ghost Linux? No Way! ghosting Linux so the next time everything would be easier... Are you kidding me??? And pass up the chance of learning and relearning how Linux really works? How the internal sockets spin? I'm not satisfied of just knowing that things work.... I want to learn how it works. I want to learn how to make it better. I want to learn what it does and how it affects me.

Can you do that in Windows??? I'm afraid not! By why still use Windows??? Well if our society learns to take control of their lives, maybe. But frankly, Filipinos are not yet ready for the Big League. So when my environment walks away from Bill Gates, then that's the time. For now, I have to be patient and respect their preference to use Windows. It is after all a good thing to know both OS.

Oh yeah, I got my NetoDragon WinModem to work with Damn Small & Puppy Linux before. I just can't remember what I did to make it work. Need to do more googling. One more month, and gonna buy one of those D-Link Serial Modems.

Fact... Internal 56K Modems designed for Windows actually make your computer slower whenever you dialup to the Internet??? Winmodems utilizes up to 10% of your CPU & 5% of your memory for they depend on the PC's processor. While Hardware modems (external & internal) has chips inside that processes everything and just provides internet connection to your PC without depending on your system's resources. Imagine that! What if you have a 3.2Ghz Processor (PhP9,000) & 1GB RAM (PhP5,000), all would go to waste because of a PhP400 modem. Four Hundred Pesos sure sounds cheap but at what cost on your system?

Sunday, July 17, 2005



Circumstances at work required me to install all versions of Windows that I have, except windows 95. I work as a Tech Support agent for an ISP that operates in the SouthEastern Unites States. I installed it, and created a quick-reference guide for my fellow agents. Screenshots are necessary in order not to mess up the customer's computer, not to mention, making my fellow agent more confident in troubleshooting an issue. Also, I'm a software developer, so I needed all this versions of Windows just to check if my apps would run. I also find it a good thing when my apps crashes in Win98 or ME. At least I know I have a very sloppy work. Anyway, here's my setup:

Seagate ST340016A 40GB
15GB – Windows XP – Primary
2GB – Windows 2000 Professional – Logical
2GB – Windows 2000 Advanced Server – Logical
1GB – Windows ME – Logical
1GB – Windows 98SE – Logical
17GB – Shared Data – Primary

Seagate ST320413A 20GB
2GB – Swap
5GB – Puppy Linux
5GB – Vector Linux 5.0 SOHO
5GB – Ubuntu Linux
2GB – Bayanihan Linux

Please note that this is just the disk space I alloted for each distro installed. Most of them are in a logical partition, but some, like the home directory of Vector and Puppy are placed in a primary partition.

Once I'ved saved enough money for a 120GB HDD and once Gentoo, CentOS 4 & Fedora Core 4 has been downloaded on my PC, then I would change my setup. But of course, if both of them are too slow to work on my machine, I'm gonna have to revert back to my previous setup modified a bit to maximize disk space.

I am a coder, the reason why I have so many versions of Windows is that I need to know how compatible my apps would be when used in another environment. Besides, when my apps crash in another version of win, then I would know that I'm doing something wrong. Then I would be able to debug it properly. Please don't criticize me for having Windows. That's my programming environment. Don't worry, I'm studying C++ in a Linux environment, so anytime soon, I'll be able to port my apps to Linux.

I just installed it. Give me a few more days or weeks before I could give out my opinion.

Bayanihan Linux
Very disappointing but has the potential to replace Windows XP Home Edition. Will just wait until the next version. I will uninstall it after a few more weeks.

Damn Small Linux
Very great distro. My preferred platform for studying Linux seriously. Has a lot of binaries, you name it, they got it. Will use this as my webserver OS, if my hardware and the OS would allow me. Gotta go visit the forums for tips and instructions.

Puppy Linux
The distro that runs on RAM and was recompiled by just 1 person. A pure work of love. It made my PC run 10 times faster. I'm now using it for fun and to learn new things with Linux. It has yet to mature fully. I'll be supporting this project. Thanks Barry Kauler!

Vector Linux
This is the distro where Puppy Linux 1.0.4 is being developed. I heard that this distro is great for developers or those learning to delve deeper into Linux Programming. I just downloaded & installed it on PC. This is where I will be learning to code. It's like being re-introduced to C++ once again. My distro of choice.

Gentoo Linux
I heard that it is recompiled & optimized, during installation, specifically for the hardware that I own making my old computer faster than Win95 on a 1Ghz/256MB setup. That I have to see for myself.

CentOS & Fedora Core 4
This is the distro that will be installed once I saved enough for a much powerful PC. Once installed, I will then decide which is suitable for my personal use. CentOS based on Red Hat Enterprise. While Fedora Core 4 is a community developed OS. If I'll be running my own business, I'll use CentOS. But for personal use, testing, & software development... then Fedora Core 4 is there for me, has everything except the kitchen sink, unless of course I fall really in love with Vector Linux.

My Opinion
This is what I like about Linux. You get to choose which is right for you. If you don't like it, you can ditch it. Unlike windows where you can't choose nor customize to your needs. M$ is the one telling you what's good for you, and you don't have a choice. Our society revolves around windows, we can't blame them. But in my small way, I'll be changing my environment starting with my family and friends. I cannot proselytize Linux, but I will give them a choice.

My Workhorse

My Workhorse

This are the specs of the machines I'm working on:

Internet PC

Packard-Bell Platinum 2240
Intel PCISet SB82437VX L7022280
AmiBios 1.00.08 DN0R
Intel Pentium MMX 200Mhz
S3 Virge Onboard Video
Quantum Big Foot CY4320A 3.2GB
512MB Swap 2.6GB Ext2
Matshita CR-585 CD-ROM
Aztech AZT 2320 Sound
Conexant HSFi CX11252-11 56K
SCSI: 3181A-V20

Server PC

Winboard W25P022AF
Via VT82C586B
Via Apollo 580 Chipset
Intel Pentium MMX 166Mhz
American MegaTrends AmiBios 1.20
Phoenix S3 Trio64V Onboard Video
Western Digital WDC AC22100H 2.5GB HDD
500MB Swap 1.9GB Ext2
3Com 40-0476-002 10/100 Base-T Fast Ethernet
Lite-On 24102B CD-RW Drive

Developer PC

Asus CUSI-M Rev 1.03
Sis 630 Chipset
Award Medallion Modular Bios 6.0
Intel Pentium III 733Mhz
Sis 300 Integrated Video Adapter
384MB SDRAM 64MB Video
Lite-On LTR-24102B C-RW
CMI8738 Integrated Sound
NetoDragon MDV92XP 56K
Sis 900 Fast Ethernet
Seagate ST340016A 40GB
Seagate ST320413A 20GB

Operating Systems

My Internet PC has M$ Windows 98 installed. You may ask, this blog is all about Linux, why write something about Windows??? Well, my dear friend, since my family grew up around windows & the fact that they are the only ones using this machine, I'll just give them a break and stop proselytizing Linux. Human nature: What they don't know, they fear. What they fear, they get mad at. What they get mad at, they destroy. Besides, they use it primarily at school and I can't get the HP Deskjet 5160 printer & Conexant modem to work properly with Puppy Linux.

My Server PC, which I'm gonna use as a personal Webserver, has Damn Small Linux installed. I just can't get Puppy Linux to load properly. It just keeps hanging up whenever I install Puppy Linux on this PC. Anyway, DSL is one good distro with a name that catches anyone's attention. After I'm done experimenting with Apache and Xitami, this will be my very first webserver. And I'll be so damn proud of it. I just hope that DSL would handle Apache. If not, I guess it's time for me to take a look at Distrowatch and locate a good distro that will function properly with this machine.

I'm interested in running Nitix, a linux-based OS that will turn your PC into a firewall, VPN, router, webserver, mail server, database server, RAS server, and File & Print server. I'll do some research on this one and see if Nitix would allow me to run it on this machine. I just wanted a firewall and a webserver. Maybe someday, I'll create a pop3 & smtp servers, but that's another story.

Now my Developer's PC is the one I look at 99% of my free time. I bought it pre-loaded with Windows ME, but I upgraded it to Windows XP. Now my machine is way too slow. What I did was upgrade RAM to 384MB. At least now it runs decently. Now you tell me, why the hell would you use this? Well I can't afford the state of the art PC right now. I'm still saving for an AMD64 PC. Besides, a year from now, the price would be half of what it is right now. And of course, my PC still runs fine, so obviously I don't need an upgrade.

When I downloaded & installed Puppy Linux 1.0.3, it ran without a hitch. The only problem I encountered is with my HP Deskjet 3325 printer & NetoDragon winmodem. I just downloaded the driver for HP & I'll be upgrading to a D-Link external modem soon, that way, everything would work out fine.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Let me introduce myself

Brief Inroduction
My name is Dax Solomon Umaming. A proud Igorot. Born and raised in the city of Baguio since the 12th of September 1979. I worked at Club Zeus for 2 years since 2001. Now I'm employed at a Call Center with an ISP account as a Tech Support Agent working on DSL problems.

I'm still a student at University of Baguio, though not enrolled this semester, taking up Computer Engineering. I still have 2 more years to finish. I'm very grateful my employer hired me even without a degree. Now I have a stable source of income to support my studies.

I'm a programmer using Borland CPP Builder, unfortunately, I lost my installation disc when we moved to another apartment and can't find a replacement for it. I now use MS Visual C++ 6 for my apps.

Most of my C++ projects centers around Mp3/Mp3Pro DJ Players & Encoders to be used when I was working at Club Zeus. That project has since become dormant when my employer hired me to work as a Tech Support.

I haven't abandoned my passion though, I still code during my free time. Especially when I need a personal program that will make my work easier.

Open Source... well I can't give my source code to the public for the simple reason that re-learning Visual C++ is a hard task, being used with C++ builder. Besides, I find that my codes in VC++ are very sloppy and I don't want my code or me ridiculed by others. I just downloaded
Dev-C++, I'll see what I can do.

I also bought a book, C++ for Linux in 21 Days. When I'm done with it and after a few sample codes, I will post my codes & binaries on my webserver or on other websites.

Acquaintance With Linux
I've been using computers since early 90's. I've been introduced to DOS 6 & Windows 3.1 for Workgroups by a very good friend. Linux was still unheard of in those days. So I grew up using Windows 3.1, then 95, then 95 OSR2, then 98, then 98 Second Edition, then Millenium or ME, then 2000, then XP. The only MS windows I've never really tried is NT4.

A friend showed me a Macintosh 9 before, I never really liked it in the first place. So I shun away from anything Apple... especially iPods which breaks very easily, no offense to iPod users.

Year 2000 was my first taste of Linux. A friend gave me a copy of Red Hat 7. Being a Windows user all my life, I reformated my hard drive after a week and reinstalled Windows ME.

Year 2003, fed up of error messages, constant reboots, worms, viruses, trojans, security holes... you name it, windows got it. I explored Linux one more time. Got myself a Red Hat 9 & Mandrake 9. I felt good, but my hunger pangs for Windows keeps driving me away from Linux. I uninstalled it after 6 months of use. Sloth overcame and I never really got to know nor learn Linux.

November 2004. I found Distrowatch, and to my surprise, found out that there are literally hundreds of versions of Linux. My ignorance kept me from discovering great things. December 2004. After more than a month of downloading Fedora Core 3, I got to install it on my aging machine. It was sooooo damnnn slowwww. But I still kept it on my PC.

January 2005. Discovered Damn Small Linux. I downloaded & installed it after a few days of downloading, I installed it on my machine. Now that's what I'm talking about. A very fast operating system with lots of add-ons. This is what I'm using to learn Linux.

March 2005. Just downloaded Bayanihan Linux. Installed it and found it a bit disappointing compared to other distros. Since this is a Filipino-made distro, I'll still stick with it for a few more days or even months and give developers ideas and even requests for their next version. I do support this, and I'm gonna buy a boxed version soon.

April 2005. Discovered Puppy Linux. The distro that runs from RAM. It made my PC ran 10 times faster.

05 July 2005. Download & installed Vector Linux 5 SOHO Edition. Also received my Ubuntu CD's. Partitioned & installed operating systems. Took me around a week to configure everything.

16 July 2005. Started to download Gentoo, CentOS 4 and Fedora Core 4. I'm asking myself, how many months do I need to fully download this via BitTorrent on dial-up.

17 July 2005. Researching on Smart Wi-Fi that doesn't comply with IEEE 802.11b/g. Smart's technology is using microwave over existing cell sites. It will cost me PhP788/month plus PhP500 for installation. Bandwidth down: 128Kbps-1Mbps (as others claim). Not bad at all. I do have some questions though. What's the upload speed/bandwidth. Do they offer Static IP service. I am after all planning on creating my own personal web server. Since this technology is bridged, do they authenticate via MAC Address or what? And how reliable is it? I'm gonna apply for their service by the end of this month.