Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blog Clients on Ubuntu

I'm not much of a blogger, but I blog enough to need a client (or clients) to handle my posts. This list ain't much, nor that comprehensive, but here's five clients I use on my Ubuntu box.

OpenOffice.org with Sun Weblog Extension

This is my favorite, and the one I use often. I always have an OpenOffice.org instance running (either at work or at home) and figured it'll be great if I can post to my blog directly from OO.o. I stumbled upon it last year when I got tired of copy-pasting my articles. This one's great for text-only posting (such as poem/haiku blogs) since I still haven't figured out how to include images even from existing URLs - I'm not even sure this extension even supports it.


This client is also another favorite. In fact, this article was posted from Scribefire. I love the option/feature to upload images directly from my computer, this client will take care of the rest. This one's great if you tend to upload/insert images to your posts.


If you prefer a simple, small and fast client, then Drivel's for you. I use it once in a while if I wanted to post something before I lose my train of thoughts.


Although I don't use this client, a few friends swear by it. Configuration's a pain in the ass, and if I can't configure it in 2 mins, then it's not a client for me. I got it working alright, but only on one account.

Flock Browser

This browser is so good that it's literally unproductive. I never got real work done whenever I use it. I tend to check photos, videos, and friends statuses that I never really have time for anything else. The blog client of Flock is great since it integrates nicely into your browser. Image uploads to any one of your image hosting sites, and adding an image is a matter of dragging the thumbnail from the media bar.