Thursday, May 25, 2006

Linspire 5.0.54 Desktop & Program List

Finally, I managed to have one whole day to myself. And I decided to spend it using and configuring my Linspire. I've heard a lot of good things with Linspire before, it started during their Lindows years, and many people have bragged how friendly it is. Well I had the chance of downloading it's iso months ago, installed it weeks ago, but this is the only time I managed to really test it out. But before I tell you my experience with Linspire, let me first give you an idea what's in store for those wanting to try it out. I mean programs available from the Launch menu. I wouldn't tackle on Command-Line programs though since I don't really use them right after installing an OS.

Let's start with the desktop

Here's the Launch button and the Quick Launch or Taskbar
From the Left is the Launch menu, then the Help Center, the LAssist, then the Printers, then the Web Browser, then the Email, then the Instant Messenger, and finally, the Terminal Program.

Here's the System Tray
From the left would be the Network Connections, then the CNR icon, then the Speakers or Volume, then SurfSafe and the VirusSafe exclusive only from Linspire. Then beside it is the the buttons for logging out and turning your computer off for easy access. And of course, the time and the date. On the left-most part of the task bar would be a vertical button, don't know the name, to hide the task bar thus giving you back your precious desktop real estate. Don't worry, it's still visible so you can easily unhide the taskbar whenever you need it.

Here's the quick list of programs categorized ingenuously by the developers:

Let's start with

Audio and Mp3

CD & DVD Burning (K3B)


And Volume Control (KMix)

Business and Finance


Open Office


Text Editor (KWrite)

Desktop Enhancement

World Clock




Video Poker

Solitaire (Klondike)


Internet Connection Tools

Web Browser (Mozilla)

Newsgroups & Forums (Mozilla)


Email (Mozilla)

Instant Messenger (Gaim)

Multimedia & Design

Image Viewer (KView)


Macromedia Flash Player

Media Player (KPlayer)

Paint Program (KolourPaint)

PDF Viewer (KGhostView)

Real Player 10

Software Development

Advanced Text Editor (Kate)

Emacs 21


Desktop Sharing

Archiving & Zip Tool (Ark)

Clipboard Tool (Klipper)


Fax Utility (KdeprintFax)

Fax Viewer (KFax)

File Manager (Konqueror)

Floppy Formatter (KFloppy)

KDE System Guard

Kiosk Admin Tool

Network Connection Status

Network Share Manager

Screen Capture (KSnapShot)

Terminal Program (Konsole)

VPN Manager

Wallet Program

Web Authoring

Web Authoring (NVU)