Saturday, May 26, 2007

Install Netbeans 5.5 in Kubuntu

Netbeans is a suitable IDE for Rapid Application Development in Java, and most Developers prefer Netbeans over Eclipse (especially developers who just migrated from Windows). I wouldn't recommend downloading Java in Adept since it'll just spit out errors or shut down on the EULA part of the installation.

First, download 2 packages: sudo aptitude install sun-java6-jdk netbeans5.5
You only need to download the 2 package and let aptitude download its' dependencies for you, this will save you the hassle of typing a long command.

Note: Netbeans still depends on Java 5, but if you're serious about software development in Java, you will need Java6. Just issue Y and hit the Enter key.

Once download finishes, the installer would present you with its' End User License Agreement, and as the name suggest, you have to  agree before you can use it. Navigate to the <Ok> prompt by hitting the Tab key. If you download and install Java via Adept, this is where you'll encounter problems.

So hit the Tab key again to navigate to the <Yes> prompt and hit the Enter key.

Aptitude will continue installing other packages. This won't take long, so it'll be better if you just wait.

Now this is where Aptitude needs you. You have to download the NetBeans package from In case you're wondering, the package netbeans5.5 is just an installer.

Go to and let Firefox download the package. While downloading, you can walk your dog or take a coffee break. This will take some time, unless you have a very very very very high speed ADSL connection. Also, the link above wouldn't work in KGet or other download managers. Don't waste your time configuring a download manager download it for you.

Once you're done downloading the netbeans-5_5.tar.gz save it to /tmp and change its' permission to root:root. I suggest you use kdesu konqueror for this since it'll be a lot easier for those still not comfortable with the command line. You can easily change the files' permission and copy to the /tmp directory without much hassle.

Hit the Enter key to continue with the installation.

After that, NetBeans would be available for you under the Development dir.

Another License Agreement here, so just Accept it to use Netbeans.

Here's the splash screen.

And here's NetBeans IDE 5.5 window. So go ahead and keep coding.

If you're really keen on using NetBeans, and you're also a C++ coder, you might as well use it to code in C/C++ by downloading an Add-On package. This is only for those comfortable in using Netbeans though. But if you're developing mobile applications based on Java, there's also an add-on pack available from

You can download the C/C++ Pack here:

And you can download the Mobility Pack here:

One advantage of using Netbeans over Eclipse is speed. So far, Eclipse 3.2 is a bit sluggish as compared to Netbeans. It also has a habit of either freezing itself, or freezing your system. Yup, it's a resource hog. But I am looking forward to the next release which, rumour goes, is far more optimized than the current one.

Let's just install the addons tomorrow. I'm tired and I have a fever... need some sleep. See ya!

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Monday, May 21, 2007

My LAMP on Kubuntu Feisty

I get my money from and I noticed that there's a lot of Joomla! projects available for the taking... Joomla! Projects can get as high as $150 per project, and you only need to install, setup a couple of modules, configure the interface, and optimize the site. If I'm only adept in PHP/MySQL, it'll only take me a few hours to do that... so now I'm focused on learning PHP/MySQL and Joomla! I also took it upon myself to redesign Ubuntu-PH and ask Zak Elep how to proceed with it. So before we implement a new design, we agreed to do it first on a "Beta Site". I'll be signing up for a free service later tonight and install Drupal. Then proceed with a new design tomorrow morning.

By installing my own LAMP server, I can practice and refine my skills without the hassle of uploading and testing it remotely. After everything's configured, I can just upload the modules and import the .sql file.... very convenient.

First, I downloaded the following files by issuing the command :

sudo aptitude install apache2 mysql-server php5 php5-mysql libapache2-mod-php5 phpmyadmin

Of course, it'll download a few more files.

Since it'll also download Postfix, you'll see this notice. I don't have any plans of setting up Postfix in the next 2 weeks, so I just set it to No Configuration

After installation, /var/www would be created and if you go to or http://localhost/ you'll see this page.

If you see this page, you have to click on phpmyadmin/ and assign a password for root. If you don't, then anyone can just login and mess up your account.

Since I don't want Joomla! (or other CMS) taking over my /var/www, I saved an HTML file with a link pointing to /var/www/joomla

And here I have my Joomla and my Drupal

So there it is, LAMP on my Feisty... this way, I can easily configure and test without wasting time by donwloading and uploading files and then testing them remotely. I'd rather test my stuff online once it's fully tested locally.

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First Things First

Due to my current project and venture into a SysAdmin realm, I decided to give /var it's own partition. Also, this is in preparation for my UCP and LPIC.

Since I do everything on my P4 Celeron 2.7GHz, I'd rather do it here than my laptop or my P3 (which I use very, very rarely). So after 10 deep breaths, I placed my Kubuntu Feisty on my CD Drive and booted it up after backing up my files. I have 60GB of disk and I gave swap 2GB, /home 35GB, / 15GB, and /var 7.5GB. I gave /home its own partition, so I wouldn't have to worry about losing anything even if I install another distro or I upgraded my Kubuntu in 6 months. I gave /var it's own partition for my www, and Sendmail or Postfix (whichever is easier).

After installation, the next thing I did is add repos and let adept-updater do its job. It is worth mentioning that I should've backed up my /var/cache/apt/archives via APTonCD before I cleared them so I wouldn't have wasted precious time waiting for Adept and Apt to download files.

While downloading updates, I setup my Konversation, Kopete, and KMail.

Now I downloaded plugins, players, and my oh-so-important KNewsTicker for my RSS.

After all that, I downloaded a few more applications (Firefox, KDevelop, QT, Anjuta, Glade, Eclipse, Netbeans, Gambas, MonoDevelop, GIMP, Inkscape, KOffice, etc... etc... etc...). And to top it off, I configured my desktop. All I need to do now is look for a nice theme to match my wallpaper.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Convergence on Net25

When computing, I always either turn the TV on or play some MP3s to help me concentrate. This time, I turned on the TV, checked on the channel, and came across this show on Net25 called Convergence. I'm not really fond of the show, never has, since the information they have are pretty much useless to me or that they convey very old information to their viewers. This time, it's inaccurate. This guy claiming to be a Linux Power User since 2001 "admitted" that Linux isn't much on Graphics! WTF??? Linux user since 2001 and claimed that Linux isn't that good in graphics? Guess what, he also said that Windows is better in graphics (not the exact words). OMG! Convergence... nobody's watching. And you have to look for an incompetent "Linux User"! Google and look for a true enthusiast. There's a lot of people willing to give you and your viewers real and accurate information. I'm guessing that the guy they interviewed install Linux every 6 months, try it for one day, and boot back to his malware-ridden Windows. That's not the definition of "A Linux Power-User". Just take a look at his computer. A Power-User spends at least 5 hours every day in front of his computer and really invest on hardware for the much needed comfort.... and what does he have... a beige box and a 15" clunky CRT monitor. My God! Graphical? Linux is much more graphical than Windows. I haven't opened my konsole for months now, and that guy tells everyone that Linux isn't graphical? Give me a break! To the staff of Convergence>>> If you're going to interview someone regarding Linux, please make sure you pick a guy who knows what he's talking about. Your reputation is at stake... oh right... what reputation?

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Friday, May 18, 2007

GPG Cleanup

I've had some problems cleaning up my GPG a month ago, and I do need to delete a couple of signatures and user ids. I didn't know back then that you first need to select a subkey by typing 1 or 2 (in my case I have 4) before issuing the deluid or delsig command.

I use a GUI frontend called KGPG which served my purposes well. I highly recommend it for KDE users.

And lastly, after cleaning my Key, I exported it to my default keyserver, hkp:// hoping that it'll update my public keys. I don't know how it's suppose to go, but I'm too lazy to read man pages and howtos. Will check this out in a few hours.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's 1:56AM, Election Canvassing is still ongoing

48 hours canvassing... Dead people voting... Missing people... Lost ballots... Ballot switching... Harrassments... Arguments... Altercations... Lost list of voters... Hay!!! Only in the Philippines.

I'm pretty sure that COMELEC is aware that FOSS can help them out. Why not purchase, or rent, computers to speed things up. Xubuntu is very much capable of preveting conflicts. And I'm sure that PLUG and Ubuntu-PH would help out in this matter.

Halalan 2007! Crap!

Walang pagbabago!

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

UES Boston - October 2007

Ubuntu Education Summit has really interested me. Now I'm saving money so I can go to the next UES at Boston, Massachusetts in October. I just hope I have enough money by then. hee hee! For those attending, I guess I'll see you there.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Generating SSH keys for your SVN and Launchpad Account

I recently reinstalled my system and for some reason, I forgot the passphrase of my SSH key (I thought it's the same as my GPG key). So now I have to generate another keypair.

First, I issued the ssh-keygen -t rsa command

I just hit Enter on this prompt, let ssh-keygen do all the work

And of course it asked for my passphrase

And there you go, the "success" message is my key fingerprint which is 71:8F:9D:8A:01:96:DE:C2:61:23:3A:A6:13:B0:96:0A

Now I went to to delete my old SSH key and upload a new one. I opened the ~/.ssh/ file using Kate and copy-pasted the contents on my launchpad account.

As for my SVN, all I have to do is update my key... Now I'm back in business!

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spring Cleaning: My Oldest Magazine & Bookmark circa 1997 & 1999

Spring Cleaning, and I found my old PC Magazine dated April 10, 1997 (total of 10 years and 26 days) and my 1999 Microsoft Bookmark.

And then I realized.... am I really getting old?

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NetBeans CDs for Free

I'm a casual C++ coder and I've been meaning to try out Java. So today, after reformatting and partitioning my sda (gave /home and /var it's own partitions), I installed Eclipse.... which I find very sluggish. So I apt-get(ted) netbeans and jdk (and I did encounter a lot of problems installing it from the repo), downloaded and installed the zipped doc and NetBeans bin, spat out "JDK 1.5 is not installed" errors, downloaded and installed megs of installer, and finally got it working (at last!!!). Surprisingly, for a bloatware, NetBeans seems faster than Eclipse.

Next up on my list is to look for tutorials on Java and finally stumbled upon the "Get your free CD" link. I bookmarked a couple of Java tutorial sites and ordered my CD.

Those into Java would be happy to hear that is still shipping out free CDs for free. It includes "NetBeans IDE 5.5, NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5, NetBeans Profiler 5.5 and Sun Java System Application Server 9.0_1 Platform Edition. In addition to the standard English distribution, localizations of the NetBeans IDE, Mobility Pack and Profiler are available in Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese."

The free CDs are part of their worldTour promotion which started in Seattle, WA back in September 6, 2006. Today's a great time to try out Java/NetBeans so better go order your CDs while it lasts.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Xubuntu on Kubuntu via QEMU

This is actually the first time I've tried to virtualize anything. I've been wanting to virtualize any OS before but I just didn't find any use for it and it'll only waste my time. But now that I'm involved with my Xubuntu Initiative, I decided to try QEMU. QEMU isn't actually my first choice, Xen is but QEMU comes highly recommended. I'll also try VirtualBox and Xen soon.

Well, here it is... Xubuntu running on top of QEMU.

And just in case you're wondering, I've also installed qemu-launcher so I wouldn't have to type in long commands to create QCOW images or launch sessions.


Hope those references helps you out...

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