Saturday, March 04, 2006

Xandros Applications

Someone asked me before if Linux is as good as Windows when it comes to applications. I just looked at him and my right eyebrow started to rise.... aka The Rock!

He asked if there's a Linux counterpart for every application that Windows installs by default. I never did answer him but my left eyebrow started going up. I'm sick and tired of answering those same questions every single day that I just turned my back and started walking away. I shook my head and mumbled a single word.... pathetic!

Right now, I'm at a point where I don't want to share my Linux experience to anyone but myself. I'm so tired of lame and clueless questions. If they're really tired of Windows, go to and search for a suitable distro. Coz right now, I wanted to keep the pleasure I've experienced with a fast and stable OS to myself. No more firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-spywares. No more scanning for malwares installed on my precious drive eating up resources. No more application crashes. No more Blue Screen of Death. And they say XP is stable, well, I did experience countless BSOD's, program crashing, and lost data. I've had my share of Gator, Cool Web Search, IST, 180's, etc. Not to mention those critters you call viruses. I'm sick of AVG and ZoneAlarm eating up my CPU Time and Memory. I'm sick of ActiveX, Lost & Corrupted Datas. I pity those people who say "I have no choice", "What's Linux? A new kind of Pepsi?", and "What d'ya mean Windows XP is unreliable?". For me, Windows is like a Linux distro released as Beta software.

Nasayang ang oras at pera ko!

Well, anyway, let me present you with applications that comes with Xandros and is installed by default so you can make a comparison with what Windows installs by default. Let me reiterate that this is just one distro. There are other full-blown distros available, like Fedora and SUSE, which installs more than 2 programs as counterpart for Windows programs.


DVI Viewer
Fax Viewer
Font Viewer
PostScript Viewer


Address Book
Character Selector
Personal Information Manager
Personal Time Tracker
Pop-up Notes
Print a Fax
Print Jobs
Text Editor


Miniature Golf
X Galaga
Video Poker


Digital Camera
Image Viewer
Screen Capture


Firefox Web Browser
Instant Messenging
KDE Mail
News Ticker
Skype Internet Calling
Thunderbird Mail


Audio Builder
CD Player
CD Writer
Media Player
MIDI Player
MP3 Player
Real Player 10
Sound Mixer
Sound Recorder
Sound Server Control
Video Player


Word Processor


Event Viewer
First Run Wizard
Menu Editor
Performance Monitor
Process Manager
Remote Desktop Sharing


Cut & Paste Utility
Desktop Pager
Floppy Disk Formatter
Online Dictionary
Palm Document Converter
Palm Pilot Tool
Reminder Message Scheduler
Task Scheduler

The applications listed here are superficial, meaning that they are found under the Launch button (equivalent to Start button on Windows). Hidden programs like Apt aren't listed here since they're pretty much used by someone who wants to intensively explore Linux.

"Oh yeah, this is the Launch button...!"

Next time someone asks what are the counterparts of "this" and "this".... then I'll just direct them to this page.

This might be my last post regarding Xandros.

I've worked with you for months, but you just don't suit my needs!
This is my goodbye to Xandros 3.0.2 Open Circulation Edition

Hmmm... I guess I can call it My Xandros Affair. He! He! He! He!