Saturday, March 04, 2006

Xandros Networks

I just started using one feature of Xandros.... the Xandros Networks. There's a link on the desktop that'll open it up.

As you can see, right after the Firefox Web Browser, you'll see the link to that program.

Once I open it up, I was presented with this window.

After about two minutes of doing the updates.

Let's not belabour the obvious.... This window is a graphical front-end of Apt developed by hard-working programmers from Xandros. Oh, boy! You're in for a treat.

As you can see, it includes a News and Updates section on the right. It also presents you with their products. Once you click on the Shop link on the left-pane, this window would then be presented to you. The shopping sections also includes softwares like firewall and anti-virus programs to protect your Windows partitions or Windows computer connected to your LAN. Although personally, as long as I'm using Linux, I never did use a firewall and/or anti-virus programs since I rarely boot into windows. I just won't replace a stable OS for a something that easily gets infected with malwares. Besides, I've got much better things to do than wait for a sluggish OS to boot up.

Ranting...... Let's get back to the main topic. Once you click on the New Applications icon on the left, this window would then be displayed.

Browse around that page and locate a program that you want to install. Once you find it, just put a checkmark beside it and click on the Install link. As for this image, I have BitTornado, a BitTorrent Client. If I want to install it, I'll just click on the Install BitTornado link locatedat the bottom window. Damn, it's that simple.

You want an update? Don't worry since this window would automatically look for an available updates for your already installed programs. Once it finds an update, It'll then be on the Application Updates icon on the left pane.

Download new applications and update all your applications in an easy to use interface. Not to mention that you can do that in just one window. Another point for Xandros.

Let me also point out that if you love Debian or Ubuntu, they have a similar graphical front-end for Apt called Synaptic. Hmmm... come to think of it, Xandros Networks program is very strangely similar to Synaptic. Or maybe it is. I'd love to learn more about this app but I just don't have enough time. Besides, I still have to check our Linspire and Ubuntu 5.10