Thursday, May 04, 2006

Linspire Five-0 at Boot Time

Let me present to you Linspire Five-0. This is the free edition saved on my hard disk. Anyway, please don't be disappointed by the boot loader since I installed Mandriva 2006 LiLo over the default Linspire's boot loader. Hmm, I forgot if it uses Grub or LiLo.

Move down and select Linspire

Here's Linspire booting up:

And here it is asking for an account to use.

I selected my account and typed in my password

KDE initializing

Once everything's up, Flash player would start and play this, I don't know how to call it... probably movie.

There you go, a How-To Tutorial

Linspire claims to be the most easiest Linux you'll ever use. But based on my previous "explorations", configuring it to work with other OS proved it's not.

But then again, the tutorial is very much significant especially to those migrating to Open Source. This will take about an hour, haven't really finished it, and discuss the very basic of computing and navigation. Individuals seriously thinking of migrating to Linux need this tutorial. Besides, Linspire could easily be bought pre-installed from Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Best Buy, CompUSA, and Fry's Electronics at a very competitive price.