Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ranish Partition Manager

I've reinstalled Mandriva 2006 Free just this afternoon. Before I give y'all the screencaps, I wanted to present to you a great partitioning utility.... Ranish Partition Manager.

I'm fond of using the the Ultimate Boot CD since it proved helpful during reinstalls and repairs. You can find it here:

The good thing about the Ultimate Boot CD is it includes Ranish Partition Manage (v2.44 Beta) and I've been using it to create, delete, and reformat partitions.

Forgive me though for posting crappy pix, I took it using a Nokia 6600.

Let's Start!

This is the CD I've been using eversince I found Ultimate Boot CD via Google.

Go ahead, download and burn the ISO, just make sure you also print out the Label so it'll look good.

Once you've booted the UBCD, you will see the image below. I believe all the images hereafter are self-explanatory. Just go ahead and play around with them.

A little close up of the menu.

Ranish Partition Manager is under Filesystem Tools
Once you pressed the 1 key, this would be presented to you.

The interface may be overwhelming since there's a lot of information presented to you.
But don't panic, all the information presented to you are very valuable.
Also, the interface is very self-explanatory. As you can see, you can either delete, create, and reformat partitions. I started using this 2 years ago and has been a great companion. Very useful and very informative.

So that's basically Ranish Partition Manager. I applaud the creator of this utility.

Hmmm. Maybe I'll create a tutorial on this next time? Probably append to this page.