Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pinoy Geniune Kit... Bwahahaha!

So have you read your morning paper lately and discover another gimmick?

Yup! A very enticing offer.... And I suggest you go validate your XP now before it lasts. At Php7,748.00 it sure is a nice deal, so again... better buy now! You'll also have a chance to win another PC, an O2 PDA-Phone, XBox, etc. Wow!!! I'll go get one myself... Zzzzzz!

Oh right, sorry for falling asleep. Hey, look go validate your windows now, shell out Php7K, and you'll have a chance to win gadgets... you'll also win malwares and spyware 100% guaranteed! It slices, it dices...

After making Microsoft Php7K richer, you'll also be prompted to buy a Php4K Norton Internet Suite and a PhP15K MS Office 2003 Premium so you'll never be left out with Wordpad. As an added bonus, XP will drive you paranoid from email attachments, IM Spam, and internet browsing. And lastly, you don't have to be technical with XP, its' user-friendliness won't give you enough time to differentiate viruses from worms from trojans from spywares... coz they're all the same to you!

So, for the 3rd time... go validate your XP now, or you'll be sorry!

Scam.... legal or not... it's still a scam!

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