Tuesday, April 03, 2007

SmartBro is listed

...  by CBL and won't be long before we get listed by SpamHaus. Yup, no turning back now, there's hundreds of SmartBro subscribers and almost 90% of them are using Windows. The problem is viruses and trojan mailers which try to send out spam to their contacts. Why is this a problem for us? When that happens some of our friends might not recieve our emails, especially if they are using DNS blacklist (or something like that... no time to research) like SpamHaus. Today I tried to post a comment on a WordPress site and got the message below.

So of course I gotta check this out, so I clicked on the link so I could release my (and a hundred subscribers) IP address.

Yup, I understand this. Spam not only comes in the form of emails, but also comments on blogs and news articles. So I gotta check my IP out for myself and see what comes up.

Aha, CBL has blacklisted my IP address. I clicked on the link to see if I could fix it.


Yeah, I was able to release it my IP from CBL, but it says here that if OUR IP address gets listed and delisted multiple times, they're gonna have to permanently blacklist us. And like I said, we'll have a hard time sending out emails to our friends, families, and even our employers or clients (we'll lose money). We'll have a hard time chatting with our friends via IRC and IMs. Some of the sites we go to would have an Error telling us that our IP is blocked. And we won't be able to comments on our friends' blog. What causes this again? Viruses, Trojans, you name it. And it only happens if you have a Windows machine.

And NO... if our IP address gets permanently blocked, even SmartBro won't be able to do anything. And because you are using a Windows machine, you'll affect innocent users like me (and there are hundreds of us subscribed with SmartBro). Please think about what you're doing... Do you really need Windows?

"Mandadamay pa kasi e!"

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