Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gutsy - Firefox is disappointing

Since Gutsy Tribe 3, Firefox never really worked. Oh sure, the Addons installs and allows me to surf, but that's it. Everytime I open the Preference window, Bookmark a site, or even download a file... it just crashes. As long as I open a window in Firefox (except Organize Bookmarks and Download windows), I really can't stop Firefox from crashing.

It's been over two months now, and frankly, I'm disappointed. I have Flock installed, but I'm still craving for the red fox! Today, after working on a few (around 15) tabs, it crashed again... and lost 2 hours of work. I keep on forgetting that working in a browser is a bad idea. I'm fed up! I just uninstalled it and will probably wait for the Beta release before I try it out again. I'm now working with IceApe as my primary browser and glad that it's stable enough for me to do my thing.

Come to think of it, it's been a while (like more than a month) since I last saw any updates on Firefox.... I don't know what the hell the Mozilla Team's doing, but I just signed up on their list and will help on my free time. Need my addiction satisfied.

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