Saturday, July 28, 2007


I just noticed that I can't post to Gmane, Eclipse, and Trolltech. WTF!!!
I figured it must be because my outgoing server is Gmail, which uses a
non-standard port, 587, via TLS. Ok, I may be wrong on my this, but I got it
working after setting up my outgoing to SmartBro's

NNTP - Solved!

I setup LAMP previously and installed a few CMS (Drupal, Joomla, Mambo,
Wordpress, e107, Coppermine, PHPFusion, MediaWiki, Geeklog, GForge, and
Joomla RC1 - yes that's still considered few), LMS (Moodle and Claroline),
Knowledgebase Script (KBPublisher, APHPKB, and DanPHPSupport), CRM (SugarCRM,
Hipergate, VTiger, Compiere, and CentricCRM), and Groupware/ERP suites
(eGroupware, PHPGroupware, TinyERP, and OrangeHRM) for personal use and
learning. But I can't fully utilize its' capabilities since it won't allow me
to send emails via Postfix. Fixed it by reconfiguring postfix and set it up
to just relay emails to

SMTP - Solved!

SSH, got it working. I can now connect, login, and do stuff from a remote (and
I mean remote) location using my laptop to my main computer at home. I
configured it weeks ago, but this is the only time I got to test it.

SSH - Solved!

Oh, and I'm coming back home in 2 days. woo hoo!