Saturday, July 14, 2007

Solution to my Spam - Gmane Newsgroups

Every single day I receive around 1,000 emails... nah, I'm not that popular. It's mostly emails from the mailing lists I signed up with. The bulk of my emails comes from the Linux Kernel Mailing List (around 45%), 10% from Ubuntu, 10% from KDE, 10% from Anjuta/Gambas/KDevelop/Qt/Mono lists, and 13% from the other lists (including some websites). So, I really only need around 2% of them..... those are the personal emails.

The other day, I think I found my answer.... Gmane. Gmane archives all posts and replies and makes it available via NNTP... newsgroups. And guess what, you can reply from there too. Heh, now this is the answer to my spam problem.

This is my dillema, I need all those posts, but I don't want them to be 'that' intrusive. Ok, I can always create another Gmail account and register it, this way I don't get 'spammed' at by the list. That's the problem, my knightlust account is my primary email address, and I want every single one of 'em on that account! Now I've been using Kontact/Kmail, even on my Xubuntu... and every single one of my emails are filtered. Filters would solve my problem right? Nope, 'coz I still have to download every single one of my emails. Gmane actually solved my problems. Gmane archives every single posts, which I can access via Thunderbird, which means I don't miss anything. And the way newsgroups work, I can (and I just did) set it up to only download Headers... conserving 60% of my bandwidth. So now, I only download a message or post only when I click on the post itself. No need to download 1000 emails.

I just disabled Global Email Delivery from Ubuntu, and KDE, Xfce, etc. etc. etc. would follow suit. Everything else but Vger 'coz I don't think it'll allow me to disable email delivery, and unless I find an answer to that, I guess I'll continue receiving LKML.

So now, everything's setup on my Thunderbird, I'l be using KNode soon once I figure out how to disable email delivery on Vger, and everything works just the way I want it to work. I almost forgot, I said that Gmane archives the list.... so that means I have access to all the posts as far back as 10 years ago.

Ahhh, the power of open source.

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