Sunday, July 17, 2005

Let Me Introduce Myself

Let me introduce myself

Brief Inroduction
My name is Dax Solomon Umaming. A proud Igorot. Born and raised in the city of Baguio since the 12th of September 1979. I worked at Club Zeus for 2 years since 2001. Now I'm employed at a Call Center with an ISP account as a Tech Support Agent working on DSL problems.

I'm still a student at University of Baguio, though not enrolled this semester, taking up Computer Engineering. I still have 2 more years to finish. I'm very grateful my employer hired me even without a degree. Now I have a stable source of income to support my studies.

I'm a programmer using Borland CPP Builder, unfortunately, I lost my installation disc when we moved to another apartment and can't find a replacement for it. I now use MS Visual C++ 6 for my apps.

Most of my C++ projects centers around Mp3/Mp3Pro DJ Players & Encoders to be used when I was working at Club Zeus. That project has since become dormant when my employer hired me to work as a Tech Support.

I haven't abandoned my passion though, I still code during my free time. Especially when I need a personal program that will make my work easier.

Open Source... well I can't give my source code to the public for the simple reason that re-learning Visual C++ is a hard task, being used with C++ builder. Besides, I find that my codes in VC++ are very sloppy and I don't want my code or me ridiculed by others. I just downloaded
Dev-C++, I'll see what I can do.

I also bought a book, C++ for Linux in 21 Days. When I'm done with it and after a few sample codes, I will post my codes & binaries on my webserver or on other websites.

Acquaintance With Linux
I've been using computers since early 90's. I've been introduced to DOS 6 & Windows 3.1 for Workgroups by a very good friend. Linux was still unheard of in those days. So I grew up using Windows 3.1, then 95, then 95 OSR2, then 98, then 98 Second Edition, then Millenium or ME, then 2000, then XP. The only MS windows I've never really tried is NT4.

A friend showed me a Macintosh 9 before, I never really liked it in the first place. So I shun away from anything Apple... especially iPods which breaks very easily, no offense to iPod users.

Year 2000 was my first taste of Linux. A friend gave me a copy of Red Hat 7. Being a Windows user all my life, I reformated my hard drive after a week and reinstalled Windows ME.

Year 2003, fed up of error messages, constant reboots, worms, viruses, trojans, security holes... you name it, windows got it. I explored Linux one more time. Got myself a Red Hat 9 & Mandrake 9. I felt good, but my hunger pangs for Windows keeps driving me away from Linux. I uninstalled it after 6 months of use. Sloth overcame and I never really got to know nor learn Linux.

November 2004. I found Distrowatch, and to my surprise, found out that there are literally hundreds of versions of Linux. My ignorance kept me from discovering great things. December 2004. After more than a month of downloading Fedora Core 3, I got to install it on my aging machine. It was sooooo damnnn slowwww. But I still kept it on my PC.

January 2005. Discovered Damn Small Linux. I downloaded & installed it after a few days of downloading, I installed it on my machine. Now that's what I'm talking about. A very fast operating system with lots of add-ons. This is what I'm using to learn Linux.

March 2005. Just downloaded Bayanihan Linux. Installed it and found it a bit disappointing compared to other distros. Since this is a Filipino-made distro, I'll still stick with it for a few more days or even months and give developers ideas and even requests for their next version. I do support this, and I'm gonna buy a boxed version soon.

April 2005. Discovered Puppy Linux. The distro that runs from RAM. It made my PC ran 10 times faster.

05 July 2005. Download & installed Vector Linux 5 SOHO Edition. Also received my Ubuntu CD's. Partitioned & installed operating systems. Took me around a week to configure everything.

16 July 2005. Started to download Gentoo, CentOS 4 and Fedora Core 4. I'm asking myself, how many months do I need to fully download this via BitTorrent on dial-up.

17 July 2005. Researching on Smart Wi-Fi that doesn't comply with IEEE 802.11b/g. Smart's technology is using microwave over existing cell sites. It will cost me PhP788/month plus PhP500 for installation. Bandwidth down: 128Kbps-1Mbps (as others claim). Not bad at all. I do have some questions though. What's the upload speed/bandwidth. Do they offer Static IP service. I am after all planning on creating my own personal web server. Since this technology is bridged, do they authenticate via MAC Address or what? And how reliable is it? I'm gonna apply for their service by the end of this month.