Sunday, July 17, 2005

My Workhorse

My Workhorse

This are the specs of the machines I'm working on:

Internet PC

Packard-Bell Platinum 2240
Intel PCISet SB82437VX L7022280
AmiBios 1.00.08 DN0R
Intel Pentium MMX 200Mhz
S3 Virge Onboard Video
Quantum Big Foot CY4320A 3.2GB
512MB Swap 2.6GB Ext2
Matshita CR-585 CD-ROM
Aztech AZT 2320 Sound
Conexant HSFi CX11252-11 56K
SCSI: 3181A-V20

Server PC

Winboard W25P022AF
Via VT82C586B
Via Apollo 580 Chipset
Intel Pentium MMX 166Mhz
American MegaTrends AmiBios 1.20
Phoenix S3 Trio64V Onboard Video
Western Digital WDC AC22100H 2.5GB HDD
500MB Swap 1.9GB Ext2
3Com 40-0476-002 10/100 Base-T Fast Ethernet
Lite-On 24102B CD-RW Drive

Developer PC

Asus CUSI-M Rev 1.03
Sis 630 Chipset
Award Medallion Modular Bios 6.0
Intel Pentium III 733Mhz
Sis 300 Integrated Video Adapter
384MB SDRAM 64MB Video
Lite-On LTR-24102B C-RW
CMI8738 Integrated Sound
NetoDragon MDV92XP 56K
Sis 900 Fast Ethernet
Seagate ST340016A 40GB
Seagate ST320413A 20GB

Operating Systems

My Internet PC has M$ Windows 98 installed. You may ask, this blog is all about Linux, why write something about Windows??? Well, my dear friend, since my family grew up around windows & the fact that they are the only ones using this machine, I'll just give them a break and stop proselytizing Linux. Human nature: What they don't know, they fear. What they fear, they get mad at. What they get mad at, they destroy. Besides, they use it primarily at school and I can't get the HP Deskjet 5160 printer & Conexant modem to work properly with Puppy Linux.

My Server PC, which I'm gonna use as a personal Webserver, has Damn Small Linux installed. I just can't get Puppy Linux to load properly. It just keeps hanging up whenever I install Puppy Linux on this PC. Anyway, DSL is one good distro with a name that catches anyone's attention. After I'm done experimenting with Apache and Xitami, this will be my very first webserver. And I'll be so damn proud of it. I just hope that DSL would handle Apache. If not, I guess it's time for me to take a look at Distrowatch and locate a good distro that will function properly with this machine.

I'm interested in running Nitix, a linux-based OS that will turn your PC into a firewall, VPN, router, webserver, mail server, database server, RAS server, and File & Print server. I'll do some research on this one and see if Nitix would allow me to run it on this machine. I just wanted a firewall and a webserver. Maybe someday, I'll create a pop3 & smtp servers, but that's another story.

Now my Developer's PC is the one I look at 99% of my free time. I bought it pre-loaded with Windows ME, but I upgraded it to Windows XP. Now my machine is way too slow. What I did was upgrade RAM to 384MB. At least now it runs decently. Now you tell me, why the hell would you use this? Well I can't afford the state of the art PC right now. I'm still saving for an AMD64 PC. Besides, a year from now, the price would be half of what it is right now. And of course, my PC still runs fine, so obviously I don't need an upgrade.

When I downloaded & installed Puppy Linux 1.0.3, it ran without a hitch. The only problem I encountered is with my HP Deskjet 3325 printer & NetoDragon winmodem. I just downloaded the driver for HP & I'll be upgrading to a D-Link external modem soon, that way, everything would work out fine.