Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Lost FC3 Installation CD's

Aaargh! I lost my FC3 CD's. I can't remember whether I lend it to someone or because of my incompetence and stupidity, just misplaced them. And to think, it took me 7 weeks to download FC3 on my PC. I just hope that downloading FC4 won't take longer than 7 weeks. I download torrent files from 12MN to 8AM using a dialup connection. Hey, I can't afford DSL or Cable. Besides, a PhP100.00 Inter.Net card lasts for 3 months if I use it only at this time. I'm a cheap-ass motherfucker!

A Stress-Free Weekend

It's time for me to reformat & reinstall my system. Been backing up important files & downloads. Prepared my Installation Disks, including the Product Keys for Windows and other serials for my windows softwares.... no they're not cracked. Here's my future setup.

Seagate 40GB - HDA

10GB - Windows XP SP2 - Primary Partition
2GB - Swap - Primary Partition
3GB - Vector Linux Root - Logical Partition
8GB - Vector Linux Home - Logical Partition
1GB - Puppy Linux - Logical Partition
4GB - Windows 2000 Advanced Server - Logical Partition
10G - FAT32 Shared Drive - Logical Partition

Seagate 20GB - HDC

3GB - Windows 2000 Professional - Primary Partition
1GB - Windows Millenium Edition - Logical Partition
1GB - Windows 98 2nd Edition - Logical Partition
6GB - Reserved for Ubuntu Linux
8GB - Reserved for Gentoo Linux

In case you haven't noticed, I love reinstalling everything at least every 2 years. It wipes out junk files and speed things up. Besides after reinstalling Windows, you'll notice a big difference when it comes to speed & performance. Give it a few days of surfing & playing games and you'll want to reinstall it again.

Once everything in Windows XP & 2000 AS has been setup properly including the softwares that I need, I'm gonna ghost it to a CD. That way, reinstalltion would be a cinch next time.

Why not ghost Linux? No Way! ghosting Linux so the next time everything would be easier... Are you kidding me??? And pass up the chance of learning and relearning how Linux really works? How the internal sockets spin? I'm not satisfied of just knowing that things work.... I want to learn how it works. I want to learn how to make it better. I want to learn what it does and how it affects me.

Can you do that in Windows??? I'm afraid not! By why still use Windows??? Well if our society learns to take control of their lives, maybe. But frankly, Filipinos are not yet ready for the Big League. So when my environment walks away from Bill Gates, then that's the time. For now, I have to be patient and respect their preference to use Windows. It is after all a good thing to know both OS.

Oh yeah, I got my NetoDragon WinModem to work with Damn Small & Puppy Linux before. I just can't remember what I did to make it work. Need to do more googling. One more month, and gonna buy one of those D-Link Serial Modems.

Fact... Internal 56K Modems designed for Windows actually make your computer slower whenever you dialup to the Internet??? Winmodems utilizes up to 10% of your CPU & 5% of your memory for they depend on the PC's processor. While Hardware modems (external & internal) has chips inside that processes everything and just provides internet connection to your PC without depending on your system's resources. Imagine that! What if you have a 3.2Ghz Processor (PhP9,000) & 1GB RAM (PhP5,000), all would go to waste because of a PhP400 modem. Four Hundred Pesos sure sounds cheap but at what cost on your system?