Sunday, July 17, 2005



Circumstances at work required me to install all versions of Windows that I have, except windows 95. I work as a Tech Support agent for an ISP that operates in the SouthEastern Unites States. I installed it, and created a quick-reference guide for my fellow agents. Screenshots are necessary in order not to mess up the customer's computer, not to mention, making my fellow agent more confident in troubleshooting an issue. Also, I'm a software developer, so I needed all this versions of Windows just to check if my apps would run. I also find it a good thing when my apps crashes in Win98 or ME. At least I know I have a very sloppy work. Anyway, here's my setup:

Seagate ST340016A 40GB
15GB – Windows XP – Primary
2GB – Windows 2000 Professional – Logical
2GB – Windows 2000 Advanced Server – Logical
1GB – Windows ME – Logical
1GB – Windows 98SE – Logical
17GB – Shared Data – Primary

Seagate ST320413A 20GB
2GB – Swap
5GB – Puppy Linux
5GB – Vector Linux 5.0 SOHO
5GB – Ubuntu Linux
2GB – Bayanihan Linux

Please note that this is just the disk space I alloted for each distro installed. Most of them are in a logical partition, but some, like the home directory of Vector and Puppy are placed in a primary partition.

Once I'ved saved enough money for a 120GB HDD and once Gentoo, CentOS 4 & Fedora Core 4 has been downloaded on my PC, then I would change my setup. But of course, if both of them are too slow to work on my machine, I'm gonna have to revert back to my previous setup modified a bit to maximize disk space.

I am a coder, the reason why I have so many versions of Windows is that I need to know how compatible my apps would be when used in another environment. Besides, when my apps crash in another version of win, then I would know that I'm doing something wrong. Then I would be able to debug it properly. Please don't criticize me for having Windows. That's my programming environment. Don't worry, I'm studying C++ in a Linux environment, so anytime soon, I'll be able to port my apps to Linux.

I just installed it. Give me a few more days or weeks before I could give out my opinion.

Bayanihan Linux
Very disappointing but has the potential to replace Windows XP Home Edition. Will just wait until the next version. I will uninstall it after a few more weeks.

Damn Small Linux
Very great distro. My preferred platform for studying Linux seriously. Has a lot of binaries, you name it, they got it. Will use this as my webserver OS, if my hardware and the OS would allow me. Gotta go visit the forums for tips and instructions.

Puppy Linux
The distro that runs on RAM and was recompiled by just 1 person. A pure work of love. It made my PC run 10 times faster. I'm now using it for fun and to learn new things with Linux. It has yet to mature fully. I'll be supporting this project. Thanks Barry Kauler!

Vector Linux
This is the distro where Puppy Linux 1.0.4 is being developed. I heard that this distro is great for developers or those learning to delve deeper into Linux Programming. I just downloaded & installed it on PC. This is where I will be learning to code. It's like being re-introduced to C++ once again. My distro of choice.

Gentoo Linux
I heard that it is recompiled & optimized, during installation, specifically for the hardware that I own making my old computer faster than Win95 on a 1Ghz/256MB setup. That I have to see for myself.

CentOS & Fedora Core 4
This is the distro that will be installed once I saved enough for a much powerful PC. Once installed, I will then decide which is suitable for my personal use. CentOS based on Red Hat Enterprise. While Fedora Core 4 is a community developed OS. If I'll be running my own business, I'll use CentOS. But for personal use, testing, & software development... then Fedora Core 4 is there for me, has everything except the kitchen sink, unless of course I fall really in love with Vector Linux.

My Opinion
This is what I like about Linux. You get to choose which is right for you. If you don't like it, you can ditch it. Unlike windows where you can't choose nor customize to your needs. M$ is the one telling you what's good for you, and you don't have a choice. Our society revolves around windows, we can't blame them. But in my small way, I'll be changing my environment starting with my family and friends. I cannot proselytize Linux, but I will give them a choice.