Thursday, March 29, 2007

Are you still using Yahoo! ?

Yahoo! Messenger: Virus,, that opens which will execute ActiveX commands remotely. Now, if your company or your home computer has Windows installed, then you're out of luck. Another layer of protection is Firefox with a NoScript extension installed.

Yahoo! Mail: The heavy weight contender. You read it, bloat! There's way too many features and eye-candy that it eats up your bandwidth and CPU/Memory resources. Because of those unneeded features, you cannot fully enjoy reading your friends email. Click on a message then fix yourself a coffee, click another message then you could wash your hands and take a leak... it's that slow. Not to mention very crappy SPAM filter. It managed to tag a legitimate email that was even signed by a GPG key. Take note of this, it also blocks emails with a domain. Haha!

Did I forget to mention? Bloat... And because it eats up a lot of resources, even their servers can't display the page properly.  I'm amazed that their servers can still handle the load.

Geocities: Oh my god, hosting provider that spits out ads while providing measly megs of space.

Homepage: Unneeded features(?) links on the left.

Maps: Too Slow

Launchcast: Advertisements

Briefcase: 25MB isn't enough

Groups: Advertisements and SPAM

Sports: too much Flash

Search: can't customize

Answers: what's with the Avatars?

Flickr: Now this is the only service worth using and signing up with. I just hope that Yahoo! doesn't add additional unneeded features that'll make this site slow. Hint: if it ain't broke, don't fix.

I almost forgot, I only use Yahoo! Mail when signing up to porn sites. It's useful after all...

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