Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beware of KMail's Mailing List Management

Just last week, I unintentionally sent a very very personal email to Ubuntu-PH's Mailing List. Imagine my surprise when Ulinskie pointed this out... My first reaction was !@**$###%!! what the hell happened here. It was a very personal email and my friends was forwarded a copy and boy, I was way beyond embarassed with what happened. So anyway, I've been trying to determine what happened here, and it took me hours to find the culprit.. Oh yeah, it's KMail's Mailing List Management feature. Let's recreate that shall we.

So first open up Mailing List Management...

Then add an email address and OK out of that window.

Then select a message and click on Reply to All

And verify if it did add a mailing list email to the TO or CC field.

Yup, there it is.

KMail's Mailing List Management is very useful in specific situations, like you've filtered out incoming messages to go to a specific folder and wanted to  make sure that all emails you reply to on that folder gets forwarded to your Mailing List.

One word... Beware!

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