Saturday, March 10, 2007

Flock: My newest Friend

My Firefox Add-ons now consists of:

  • Adblock Plus
  • Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer
  • Gmail Space
  • NoScript
  • VideoDownloader
  • and IE Tab if I'm in XP or 2000

Yup! As you can see, there's no more Performancing for Firefox and OakFlickr extensions installed because I got fed up of repeated parsing errors whenever I include the ampersand (&) anywhere (title or body).

Where do I turn to now? Flock of course (currently at v0.7.11 Beta). Yup, you read it. It's a beta software, but it's stable enough for me. Besides, it's still the same Mozilla Firefox that I love and also uses the same extension or add-ons.

Flock got a few "pogi" points for adding a blog editor, wherein posts could also be saved in your home directory, a newsreader (haven't tried that yet) and a Flickr & Photobucket upload featured on it. And once uploaded, you can just drag and drop the images to the blog editor. You could choose a large or small version and there's even BB Code integrated. But what I really love is the fact that I can resize the photos inside the blog editor. No more calculating ( Performancing for Firefox should take note of this). Plus the animation is cool!

So now I see Flock as a complete bloggers tool. My Firefox would have to serve its' intended purpose, as a research tool. Now that'll free up a few system resources and make my browsing faster. No more additional extensions to load when starting up. Nope, I'm not gonna ditch Firefox for Flock because I intend Flock to be just that, a bloggers tool.

Now, I hope Ubuntu would take note of this, since I wanted this nice piece of software in the repository... for convenience sake of course. The MOTU's might wait for a final version, so once I boot back to Kubuntu and Slackware, I'll be downloading and installing it there.

The praise: The developer's thought of everything. The wish: I wish they also include Picasa's Web Albums, that way, my blog is exclusively hosted by Google.

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