Saturday, March 17, 2007

HP NX9040 Notebook

My dad got himself an HP NX9040 Notebook. The first thing I always do is read the documentations while letting a new toy charge. I am pleased with my dad's decision to buy an OS-Free (actually Microsoft-Free) notebook and not let himself succumb to Draconian contracts and costly licenses. This is the first document that I read.

And according to this doc, there's no crappy microsoft software to deal with. It comes preinstalled with FreeDOS and if I want to install Linux, then I should first check out their "Certified Linux" (no Kubuntu though) page so I can choose a compatible distro... Ahhh, to hell with that, I'm really confident with  my Kubuntu Feisty even though its' still in beta. Why? I already have it installed on my desktop, the one where I'm typing this post in, and I can surely say that it's stable enough for everyday use (even server use) and the bugs that pop in and out are pretty trivial and once reported (and corrected, of course) it'll fix itself using the dist-upgrade manager.

Now, lets move on to the problem I have with this notebook...... the laptop is pre-installed with Windows XP Pro! Nope, no Serial, no Recovery Disc.... just the Driver disc. Damn! Anyway, my dad will be reporting this to proper authorities, so I guess I have to wait. Although I'm compelled to say that my dad is happy with this since he has Windows OS but without paying for it. Heh! I still don't like it. Anyway, I'll probably install Feisty once it's released to the public.... with my dad's permission of course!

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