Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Checklists for my Projects

This is the checklist of what I'm going to do for this month.

  1. Install and test LormaLinux LTSP Server Slackware Edition Beta2
  2. Install and test Bayanihan Linux with Thin Client Manager
  3. If not satisfied with the results, install and test Fedora Core 4
  4. Download, install, and test CentOS 4.

This is just for my Thin Client - Fat Server Project. My other project just includes downloading and installing other versions of Linux in a search for the perfect replacement for Windows XP.

Distros that I already own:
  1. Linux Bootable Business Card 2
  2. Damn Small Linux 1.3
  3. Puppy Linux 1.0.2
  4. Puppy Linux 1.0.3
  5. Fedora Core 3 > lost Installation CD's
  6. Vector Linux 4.3
  7. Vector Linux 5.0 SOHO
  8. Bayanihan Linux 3.1
  9. Ubuntu Linux 5.04 > got it from Merphix
  10. Damn Small Linux 1.4
  11. Gentoo Linux 2005.1
  12. Gentoo Linux Package CD
  13. Fedora Core 4
Distros that I'll be downloading soon
  1. Lorma Linux LTSP Server Slackware Edition Beta 2 > in the process
  2. Lorma Linux Enchancement CD 2.5
  3. Lorma Linux 5 Workstation i386 Revised Edition
  4. Lorma Linux 5 Workstation i686 Final Edition
  5. Knoppix
  6. Linux Live Game Project
  7. Slackware 10.1
  8. CentOS 4
  9. FreeBSD 5.4
  10. K12LTSP 4.2.0

Distros that I will download once they're out:
  1. Lorma Linux 2005 Workstation
  2. Bayanihan Linux 3.2
  3. Lorma Linux LTSP Server Slackware Edition Final
  4. Lorma Linux Web/MySQL Server Slackware Edition Final
  5. Lorma Linux Samba FileServer Edition Final
  6. Puppy Linux 2.0
  7. Damn Small Linux 2.0
  8. Fedora Core 5
  9. Vector Linux 6.0
  10. all the other distros that I like

Once I'm done with the downloading and testing of other distributions of Linux, my next project will include:
  1. Personal Website Hosted on my machine.
  2. Downloading and installation of Linux From Scratch. This is not just another distro but an opportunity for me to really learn Linux.
  3. Re-learning C++ for Linux.
  4. Phyton, Perl, and PHP
  5. Mp3Pro File Format
  6. Mp3Pro Player for Linux suitable for Radio Stations and Nightclubs
  7. Mp3Pro Editor much like CoolEdit Pro 2
  8. Mp4 File Format
  9. Mp4 Player/Mixer for local TV Stations
  10. Mp4 Editor
  11. Device Drivers Development for the hardware that I own
  12. Linux Kernel Development
  13. Graphical C++ Builder much like Visual C++ 6
  14. Animation Softwares
All of the projects listed above will basically be developed using the distro that I will choose as a replacement for Windows XP. Oh sure, XP can do all of these, but I want something cheap and powerful as compared to XP.

What about my Personal Web Server?

My sister has been taking ownership of the Packard-Bell Pentium 200Mhz computer and is quite happy with Win98 SE so I won't touch that. I will let her be until a virus or spyware infestation occurs, then I'm gonna tell her... I told you so.

My brother wants another computer. All he does is play Ragnarok online. So my other computer, the Pentium 166 Mhz will be installed with Win98 SE. The OS of that machine right now is Damn Small Linux 1.4, but until I find a good Ragnarok Client Program for Linux, that machine will have Win98 SE installed soon.
I know I came across a Ragnarok client for Linux before, I will search on that once I'm satisfied with the performance of either distro.

I've been thinking of using that machine for testing Lorma Linux & Bayanihan Linux with LTSP as a client computer. Since the machine that I currently own is much powerful, I just hope that my machine would somehow influence the speed of the 133Mhz machine my brother would like to have. If it affected its speed and performance, then that machine would be an LTSP client computer. And if I do find a good Ragnarok client program, then it'll be better for both of us.

As for my website, it will be hosted on my machine, which is more powerful, and not to mention, more silent than the 166Mhz machine. It is critical for my server to be silent, it is, after all, located in the living room and I don't want it noisily humming 24 hours a day.

So, my machine will both be an LTSP as well as a Web Server. I'm not really interested in Samba, so I will educate myself about it in the future. I just hope that my machine would be able to handle the processing and memory requirements of my project. I do have faith in this machine.

The only thing I now need would be 2 extra NICS, RJ45 connectors, Crimper, Cables, and a network switch or a router, whichever comes cheap. Once I have enough materials, then I'll be able to proceed with my experiment.