Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Of Ubuntu & Vector

I recently had some problems with my PS/2 mouse working properly with Ubuntu. I'ved tried everything I know of, and then some. I researched on this issue day in and day out but to no avail. I never knew a mouse would give me this headache. And then one day, I got it to work, I'm not sure what I did, but it includes messing up the kernel. Now that I have my PS/2 mouse working properly with Ubuntu, I just lost my enthusiasm with that particular distro. I uninstalled it and reinstalled my good 'ol dependable Vectorl Linux 4.3. Never had problems with that distro. And I've been using it ever since I downloaded & installed it on my machine. I did have problems with the 5.0 SOHO, it hangs up in the middle of the installation, but I still have my 4.3 supporting me all the way.

My friend asked why go through all the trouble, I told him so I could learn. Well, I was disappointed with Ubuntu but my passion for linux is still there. Now that I have an always on internet connection, I'm in the process of downloading via bittorrent Fedora Core 4 and Gentoo 2005.1 with Gentoo very high on my list. Ubuntu is really an great distro but it just frustrates me like hell that's why I'm trying out other distro and see what they have to offer.

Vector has released the version 5.1 of their dependable distro, but I'll try that next time.

Now my real concern is learning Damn Small Linux while waiting for Gentoo. It does have it's own web server, but I gotta check first if I could get it to work without any hitch. Then I'll be signing up for my own domain and then host my own site.

Too bad Ubuntu!