Friday, August 26, 2005

Why I will replace Windows XP

My Seagate 40GB harddisk crashed for some reason I don't know. I am now relying on my Seagate 20GB for all my computing needs. I repartitioned it into 4 primary partitions. 11GB for Windows XP, 1GB for shared files, 6GB for Vector Linux 5.0 SOHO, and 1GB for Swap.

As usual, I installed WinXP first and Vector Linux last with graphical LILO installed on the MBR. A graphical Boot Manager is really nice and really makes your day, assuring you that Linux is there for you when you need it.

So once I installed WinXP, I installed all my drivers and applications that I really need. Backups would be copied later. I went on the Internet and did a Windows Update. Guess what happened... not 1 minute of plugging in my ethernet cable and I got this window, Messenger Exploit.

And they say that Windows XP is better. I used old versions of Linux for my old PC's, got into the Internet and that never happened to me. I log on to the Internet using my Linux without any Anti-Virus programs or Firewalls but I still feel safe. I went to GRC and did a ShieldsUP! test. With Windows, almost everything is for the taking, every vulnerability is presented to you. While with Linux, even without firewall, every port is either closed or on stealth. Now why choose Linux again, you ask?