Monday, August 29, 2005

Updated Project Lists

I've been visiting some tech forums concerning Free & Open BSD and stumbled upon Sun's Solaris 10. It is another Unix flavor and surprisingly, Sun decided to let the public try it out for free. The free download page is located at But Sun requires us to register to avail of the download. Please take note that this is not trial or time-limited software. This is a full operating system you could install on your home computer or deploy as a workstation OS in a company. Read the FAQ's and Documentations before you download it, also make sure you understand and agree to the license which will be emailed to you within 24 hours. The iso's are zipped and the compression is great. CD1 is about 310MB zipped and about 592MB once you unzip it. It's about 50-60% compression which really speeds up your download. It is also composed of 4 Installation CD's, 1 Language CD, and 1 Companion CD for a total of 6 CD's. Unfortunately, I really can't tell you much about Solaris because I haven't burned it on a CD and installed on my hard drive.

But for now, I still have to download all the other distros that interests me. Once I acquired all the distros listed below, then that's the time I'll start to repartition, reformat, install, and play around with them. Those distros will stay on my hard drive for two weeks, then move on to the next until I find one that I want and need. Right now, I have Vector Linux 5.0 SOHO installed for 3 weeks now and, guess what, I'm loving it. But that will soon change once I start experimenting with the other distributions.

To be Reviewed:

  1. Vector Linux 5.0 SOHO
  2. Bayanihan Linux 3.1
  3. LormaLinux 5.0 Workstation i686 Final Edition
  4. Gentoo Linux 2005.1
  5. Fedora Core 4
  6. Solaris 10
  7. Slackware 10.1
  8. Xandros 3.02 Open Circulation Edition
After I'm done with those listed above, I'll next install and play around with those distros listed below.

To Download: in order I will download

Edited: 07:20 : 07Sept2005
  1. Linspire 5.0.59
  2. Mandriva 2005 LE
  3. Open SUSE 9.3
  4. FreeBSD 5.4
  5. OpenBSD 3.7
  6. CentOS 4.1
  7. Scientific Linux 4.1
  8. Linux Live Game Project

Updated Distro List: in order it was downloaded

Edited: 07:20 : 07Sept2005
  1. Linux Bootable Business Card 2
  2. Damn Small Linux 1.3
  3. Puppy Linux 1.0.2
  4. Puppy Linux 1.0.3
  5. Vector Linux 4.3
  6. Vector Linux 5.0 SOHO
  7. Bayanihan Linux 3.1
  8. Ubuntu Linux 5.04
  9. Damn Small Linux 1.4
  10. Gentoo Linux 2005.1
  11. Gentoo Linux Package CD
  12. Fedora Core 4
  13. Lorma Linux LTSP Server Slackware Edition Beta 2
  14. Lorma Linux Enchancement CD 2.5
  15. Lorma Linux 5 Workstation i386 Revised Edition
  16. Lorma Linux 5 Workstation i686 Final Edition
  17. Gentoo Linux Package CD for Pentium 3
  18. Solaris 10
  19. Slackware 10.1
  20. Xandros 3.02 Open Circulation Edition
  21. Damn Small Linux 1.5