Monday, May 21, 2007

First Things First

Due to my current project and venture into a SysAdmin realm, I decided to give /var it's own partition. Also, this is in preparation for my UCP and LPIC.

Since I do everything on my P4 Celeron 2.7GHz, I'd rather do it here than my laptop or my P3 (which I use very, very rarely). So after 10 deep breaths, I placed my Kubuntu Feisty on my CD Drive and booted it up after backing up my files. I have 60GB of disk and I gave swap 2GB, /home 35GB, / 15GB, and /var 7.5GB. I gave /home its own partition, so I wouldn't have to worry about losing anything even if I install another distro or I upgraded my Kubuntu in 6 months. I gave /var it's own partition for my www, and Sendmail or Postfix (whichever is easier).

After installation, the next thing I did is add repos and let adept-updater do its job. It is worth mentioning that I should've backed up my /var/cache/apt/archives via APTonCD before I cleared them so I wouldn't have wasted precious time waiting for Adept and Apt to download files.

While downloading updates, I setup my Konversation, Kopete, and KMail.

Now I downloaded plugins, players, and my oh-so-important KNewsTicker for my RSS.

After all that, I downloaded a few more applications (Firefox, KDevelop, QT, Anjuta, Glade, Eclipse, Netbeans, Gambas, MonoDevelop, GIMP, Inkscape, KOffice, etc... etc... etc...). And to top it off, I configured my desktop. All I need to do now is look for a nice theme to match my wallpaper.

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