Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Generating SSH keys for your SVN and Launchpad Account

I recently reinstalled my system and for some reason, I forgot the passphrase of my SSH key (I thought it's the same as my GPG key). So now I have to generate another keypair.

First, I issued the ssh-keygen -t rsa command

I just hit Enter on this prompt, let ssh-keygen do all the work

And of course it asked for my passphrase

And there you go, the "success" message is my key fingerprint which is 71:8F:9D:8A:01:96:DE:C2:61:23:3A:A6:13:B0:96:0A

Now I went to to delete my old SSH key and upload a new one. I opened the ~/.ssh/ file using Kate and copy-pasted the contents on my launchpad account.

As for my SVN, all I have to do is update my key... Now I'm back in business!

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