Sunday, May 06, 2007

NetBeans CDs for Free

I'm a casual C++ coder and I've been meaning to try out Java. So today, after reformatting and partitioning my sda (gave /home and /var it's own partitions), I installed Eclipse.... which I find very sluggish. So I apt-get(ted) netbeans and jdk (and I did encounter a lot of problems installing it from the repo), downloaded and installed the zipped doc and NetBeans bin, spat out "JDK 1.5 is not installed" errors, downloaded and installed megs of installer, and finally got it working (at last!!!). Surprisingly, for a bloatware, NetBeans seems faster than Eclipse.

Next up on my list is to look for tutorials on Java and finally stumbled upon the "Get your free CD" link. I bookmarked a couple of Java tutorial sites and ordered my CD.

Those into Java would be happy to hear that is still shipping out free CDs for free. It includes "NetBeans IDE 5.5, NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5, NetBeans Profiler 5.5 and Sun Java System Application Server 9.0_1 Platform Edition. In addition to the standard English distribution, localizations of the NetBeans IDE, Mobility Pack and Profiler are available in Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese."

The free CDs are part of their worldTour promotion which started in Seattle, WA back in September 6, 2006. Today's a great time to try out Java/NetBeans so better go order your CDs while it lasts.

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