Saturday, May 19, 2007

Convergence on Net25

When computing, I always either turn the TV on or play some MP3s to help me concentrate. This time, I turned on the TV, checked on the channel, and came across this show on Net25 called Convergence. I'm not really fond of the show, never has, since the information they have are pretty much useless to me or that they convey very old information to their viewers. This time, it's inaccurate. This guy claiming to be a Linux Power User since 2001 "admitted" that Linux isn't much on Graphics! WTF??? Linux user since 2001 and claimed that Linux isn't that good in graphics? Guess what, he also said that Windows is better in graphics (not the exact words). OMG! Convergence... nobody's watching. And you have to look for an incompetent "Linux User"! Google and look for a true enthusiast. There's a lot of people willing to give you and your viewers real and accurate information. I'm guessing that the guy they interviewed install Linux every 6 months, try it for one day, and boot back to his malware-ridden Windows. That's not the definition of "A Linux Power-User". Just take a look at his computer. A Power-User spends at least 5 hours every day in front of his computer and really invest on hardware for the much needed comfort.... and what does he have... a beige box and a 15" clunky CRT monitor. My God! Graphical? Linux is much more graphical than Windows. I haven't opened my konsole for months now, and that guy tells everyone that Linux isn't graphical? Give me a break! To the staff of Convergence>>> If you're going to interview someone regarding Linux, please make sure you pick a guy who knows what he's talking about. Your reputation is at stake... oh right... what reputation?

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