Monday, May 21, 2007

My LAMP on Kubuntu Feisty

I get my money from and I noticed that there's a lot of Joomla! projects available for the taking... Joomla! Projects can get as high as $150 per project, and you only need to install, setup a couple of modules, configure the interface, and optimize the site. If I'm only adept in PHP/MySQL, it'll only take me a few hours to do that... so now I'm focused on learning PHP/MySQL and Joomla! I also took it upon myself to redesign Ubuntu-PH and ask Zak Elep how to proceed with it. So before we implement a new design, we agreed to do it first on a "Beta Site". I'll be signing up for a free service later tonight and install Drupal. Then proceed with a new design tomorrow morning.

By installing my own LAMP server, I can practice and refine my skills without the hassle of uploading and testing it remotely. After everything's configured, I can just upload the modules and import the .sql file.... very convenient.

First, I downloaded the following files by issuing the command :

sudo aptitude install apache2 mysql-server php5 php5-mysql libapache2-mod-php5 phpmyadmin

Of course, it'll download a few more files.

Since it'll also download Postfix, you'll see this notice. I don't have any plans of setting up Postfix in the next 2 weeks, so I just set it to No Configuration

After installation, /var/www would be created and if you go to or http://localhost/ you'll see this page.

If you see this page, you have to click on phpmyadmin/ and assign a password for root. If you don't, then anyone can just login and mess up your account.

Since I don't want Joomla! (or other CMS) taking over my /var/www, I saved an HTML file with a link pointing to /var/www/joomla

And here I have my Joomla and my Drupal

So there it is, LAMP on my Feisty... this way, I can easily configure and test without wasting time by donwloading and uploading files and then testing them remotely. I'd rather test my stuff online once it's fully tested locally.

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