Saturday, May 26, 2007

Install Netbeans 5.5 in Kubuntu

Netbeans is a suitable IDE for Rapid Application Development in Java, and most Developers prefer Netbeans over Eclipse (especially developers who just migrated from Windows). I wouldn't recommend downloading Java in Adept since it'll just spit out errors or shut down on the EULA part of the installation.

First, download 2 packages: sudo aptitude install sun-java6-jdk netbeans5.5
You only need to download the 2 package and let aptitude download its' dependencies for you, this will save you the hassle of typing a long command.

Note: Netbeans still depends on Java 5, but if you're serious about software development in Java, you will need Java6. Just issue Y and hit the Enter key.

Once download finishes, the installer would present you with its' End User License Agreement, and as the name suggest, you have to  agree before you can use it. Navigate to the <Ok> prompt by hitting the Tab key. If you download and install Java via Adept, this is where you'll encounter problems.

So hit the Tab key again to navigate to the <Yes> prompt and hit the Enter key.

Aptitude will continue installing other packages. This won't take long, so it'll be better if you just wait.

Now this is where Aptitude needs you. You have to download the NetBeans package from In case you're wondering, the package netbeans5.5 is just an installer.

Go to and let Firefox download the package. While downloading, you can walk your dog or take a coffee break. This will take some time, unless you have a very very very very high speed ADSL connection. Also, the link above wouldn't work in KGet or other download managers. Don't waste your time configuring a download manager download it for you.

Once you're done downloading the netbeans-5_5.tar.gz save it to /tmp and change its' permission to root:root. I suggest you use kdesu konqueror for this since it'll be a lot easier for those still not comfortable with the command line. You can easily change the files' permission and copy to the /tmp directory without much hassle.

Hit the Enter key to continue with the installation.

After that, NetBeans would be available for you under the Development dir.

Another License Agreement here, so just Accept it to use Netbeans.

Here's the splash screen.

And here's NetBeans IDE 5.5 window. So go ahead and keep coding.

If you're really keen on using NetBeans, and you're also a C++ coder, you might as well use it to code in C/C++ by downloading an Add-On package. This is only for those comfortable in using Netbeans though. But if you're developing mobile applications based on Java, there's also an add-on pack available from

You can download the C/C++ Pack here:

And you can download the Mobility Pack here:

One advantage of using Netbeans over Eclipse is speed. So far, Eclipse 3.2 is a bit sluggish as compared to Netbeans. It also has a habit of either freezing itself, or freezing your system. Yup, it's a resource hog. But I am looking forward to the next release which, rumour goes, is far more optimized than the current one.

Let's just install the addons tomorrow. I'm tired and I have a fever... need some sleep. See ya!

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