Thursday, February 08, 2007

2.6.20 Kernel Compiled

So finally I got my kernel compiled and is working without any problems, except the mouse which has to be hooked up via USB.

Well doesn't matter, I still have this:

Yeah, that's my kernel, finally got it right at the 3rd compile. And my system is fast.... very fast.

So the reason for this post is to recognize How to Forge for hosting the How to Compile a Kernel - The Ubuntu Way which was written by Falko Timme

Yeah, some of you might say that my previous post is a copyright infringement, yes, it's still up to Mr. Falko Timme to decide on this. I will delete that post once he requests that I take it down.

Oh, and you may ask why I chose his howto over Seer Of Souls, which also contains a great howto on kernel compilation. Let's just say that I've been trusting How to Forge for months and Seer of Souls was only brought up when I informed my IRC friends that I am compiling a the 2.6.20 kernel.

Also, the post yesterday is my 3rd attempt on compilation and am a bit used to issuing the commands.


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