Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Books

Got new books to read...

Now I need to find time to read them..

The Joy of Linux
Linux Device Drivers (This was actually given as a gift)
Hackers Challenge: Test your Incident Response Skills using 20 Scenarios
Linux Bible 2005 Edition
Network + Study Guide
How to do Everything in PHP MySQL
ADSL DSL Technologies
Broadband Fixed Wireless Networks
Sams Teach Yourself C++ Linux in 21 Days
C++ Primer
and The C++ Programming Language 3rd Edition by Bjarne Stroustrup
and yesterday I bought;
Sams Tech Yourself XML in 10 minutes (yeah, I'll study AJAX)

EDIT (3 March 2007): just today, I bought Computer Networks 4th Edition & Introduction to PC Hardware and Troubleshooting

and I printed out:
Kernel in a Nutshell
Joomla! User Manual
Kubuntu Desktop Guide
GNU/Linux Command Line Tools Summary
The KDE User Guide
KDE Architecture Overview
Introduction to Linux: A Hands On Guide
KDevelop User Manual
The KDevelop Programming Handbook
Beginning KDevelop Programming
A couple of KDevelop FAQs and Tutorials

and a few more C++ Tutorials (been trying to switch from Visual C++ to C++ Implementation in Linux for weeks)

EDIT (3 March 2007): I also printed out:
The Ubuntu Packaging Guide
Ubuntu Server Guide
Ubuntu FAQ Guide (can't find the link)
The Linux System Administrator's Guide
Slackware Linux Essentials
and Linux Essentials

As you can see, I'm not just about Linux, I'm about technology.

EDIT (3 March 2007): I'll be printing out more eBooks over the course of 4 weeks (starting next week), depending on the ink of my HP Deskjet 5160:
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
Bash Guide for Beginners

The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide
Guide to Managing Media and Public Relations in the Linux Community
Linux Dictionary
Linux Filesystem Hierarchy
Linux from Scratch
Securing and Optimizing Linux: The Ultimate Solution
The Linux Network System Administrator's Guide

Some Guides
QT Designer and KDevelop 3.0 for Beginners
How to Use KDevelop with KDE CVS
How to Implement "User Defined Settings"
SDL & KDevelop Mini-Howto
KDE Programming Tutorial using KDevelop
The KDevelop C++ KDE Templates Explained
A Few Articles from KDE Women Homepage

Some Bookmarks:
Free Programming eBooks
Free Programming Resources
Programming Tutorials
Programmer Tutorials
Sites of Interest to C++ Users Page
No Name FTP Site
195 Free Online Programming Books
Computer Books.US
Text Files .com
The Online Books Page
Free IT eBooks
C++ Computer Books
Tech Books for Free (C & C++)

Ayt! So there you have it.... Those are the books I have, printed out, or planning to print in the near future.

EDIT (3 March 2007) My hard copies aren't really that expensive. I rarely buy a PhP 500 and up books. Those are either bargain or on sale and all my hard copies are bought from National Bookstore. Their online site are updated with regards to their retail price so if you want to save money, better make sure you go to their store in person and spend time browsing through each title and checking out their price. If you don't believe me, the only book (listed above) that cost me more than PhP 450 is the Introduction to PC Hardware and Troubleshooting at PhP 499. Next expensive is the Linux Bible at PhP 399. Patience is a virtue my friend... just keep on browsing whatever title catches your attention and you'll sooner or later find a bargain.

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