Monday, February 05, 2007

Ken Starks and the L33T!

I've been Lobby4Linux' articles for a year now even before their new interface, and Ken Starks becoming ill and almost giving up on what he loves for his passion for OSS.

Glad to see he has recovered and the site is in good hands.. Oh yeah, people supported him at his time of need and has overcome all odds.

The sacrifice he made.... the time he wasted.... the useless effort.... screams that fell on deaf ears...

I idolize him!

You heard me!

And as a fanatic, I tried to Google his name and see what he has done for the Open Source Community.

That's when I saw his interview at Newsforge...

No... this entry isn't about him.. He's done so much that listing down his accomplishment would just insult him. You, as an OS supporter should've known what he's done for the community, for the people.

Going back to the topic...

His view on what a Linux distro should be for first-timers. A distro that will entice Windows users and prevent them from upgrading to Vista.

I remember my first distro, I have to download binaries and posts questions on forums I could get my hands on... User-Friendly, yes, well at least for those willing to make an effort. Ah yes, the magic word. Effort! "Why would we help you out if you don't help youself?" "RTFM!!!!" "Google it out, Dickwad!"

Those statements are enough to make anyone go back to their Windows, to their BSOD, to their spywares and viruses... Those statements are enough to make anyone (including me) to go back to Microsoft's sadistic ways... Those statements are enough to make Vista succeed...

To each his own. Half wanted to be seen as an elite with a couple of *nix/BSD boxes. Half wanted the community to conquer the world. Half wanted OSS to be exclusive. Half wanted to their software to benefit as many people as it could.

Yes, there will always be differences, and No, I don't think OSS will dominate the industry.

See... I'm veering off-topic again... Got to correct this bad habit!

Let's get back to the topic, the ideal distro for people migrating to OSS... and I qoute:

NF: What about people who would like to help but prefer other distributions?

Starks: In the first 72 hours of this blog's publication, the email inbox for received 749 emails concerning the announcement. 281 of them asked the same question: Why PCLinuxOS?

In the first 90 days of Lobby4Linux's existence (when we had an office and money), we tested more than 90 desktop distros. When the smoke cleared, we had simply verified what I already knew. PCLinuxOS is the most "noob-friendly" distro that exists at this point. Everything works out of the box for 90% of its users and it has a stunning presentation, not to mention it functions as a live CD so you can test it against your hardware first. While Ubuntu has captured the spotlight, it is not new-user-friendly in many ways. It does not come out of the box with Java, multimedia, and Flash fully working. Not only does it not come "fully assembled," you must edit your sources.list in order to get the stuff you need for multimedia. SUSE, ditto. Now before I get cooked here, let me say that I purchased and use SUSE, but I along with other seasoned Linux folks can make it work. In order to get SUSE to function as a multimedia distro, you need to follow the directions. Once a new Linux user looks at that, they will run, not walk, back to Uncle Bill. Let's get them started on something they can use immediately. My business and personal machines began with Kanotix, but I evolved. PCLinuxOS is where I ultimately landed.

Again, I remember my first distro... plugins to install, apps to configure. Wouldn't it be great if "it just works"?

You wanna keep telling Windows-users to install Gentoo or Slackware just so they percieve you as elite... Elite! Yeah, keep telling yourself that!

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