Thursday, February 15, 2007

Linux is Healthy for you

Here's a couple of reasons why Linux is healthy for you....

  • Initial setup will take about a day or two (8-10 hrs a day). That will include compiling a custom kernel and configuring the behavior of your applications. On the third day, all you have to do is focus on your work, not your OS.
  • You may be productive with Windows the moment you buy them, but you'll be spending the day worrying about viruses and malwares and intruders. And they say they have Peace of Mind? Yeah, right!
  • Less Stressful... no need to worry about malwares. You don't even need an Internet Security Suite like Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, and even a Firewall. Now that's Peace of Mind.
  • More time for you... no need to waste time searching for an application you need because we have everything you need in a repository.
  • More choices for you... you don't have to stick with an OO Writer, we also have Abiword and KWord. Choose what you want... what suits you... and when you need it.
  • No wasted time... 3-15 minutes of your time agreeing to a softwares' license agreement and pointing to what directory an application should install to can add up to hours a day. In Linux (Kubuntu 6.10 for that matter) can download and install it for you without asking unnecessary questions with a simple command sudo apt-get install
  • No worries... No Registry here! If you fuck an application, you don't fuck the whole system!

  • No worries... No Blue Screen of Death... And even if there is, there will always be a way to get back to where you at with a single command...
  • No worries... No reboots necessary, even if you do a system-wide upgrade. You only reboot if you want to use another kernel.
  • No stress... Learning curve isn't that significant... If you know how to navigate Windows, you'll know how to navigate Linux... Familiarization? Remember the time when you first used Windows XP? The Learning Curve in learning how to use and navigate Vista is just the same with Linux.
  • No worries... No DRM! No Trusted Computing! What else can you ask for?
  • No worries... No Codecs you say... Well same thing with Windows, you have to download them... XP Codecs Pack.. Real Players...

  • No Crap to deal with! No Microsoft Office in Linux... Yeah! True! 'coz we don't need them!
  • No worries... Business Apps only runs in Windows! Some, but not all. If you need those "some", then use Wine or Crossover. Sooner or later, someone will port them to Linux! It's just that there's too little demand for it, that's why it hasn't been ported yet.
Look at my pictures below:

Microsoft Windows XP days

As for Linux

Fedora Core 6 and Kubuntu 6.10


In Linux, I have more time for myself and I used most of it by exercising. If I'm still using Windows, I'd have bloated by now since most of my free time would be wasted by scanning and removing malwares and trojans while munching on Piatos or Mr. Chips (hehe!).

I still look like shit though (even if I try putting on some decent clothes), but I did lose 60lbs just by using Linux.

This may sound impossible, but Linux really is healthy for you!

And as a side note, I did have more time for my family now! Woo Hoo! Just got laid mind you...