Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Rose

This is us...

Yesterday, she told me she doesn't love me any longer....
and that she started to lose that love last December 2006 when they went on vacation at Romblon....
and that she doesn't know how she lost that flame...
and that she felt she no longer needed me in her life...


My daughter? We haven't decided... yet!

I still love her... but I have to let her go...
It's no use asking her to stay with me if she doesn't want to...

Free... as in choice!

Like the statement I love telling people.

Rose... you are free! And I will miss you dearly!

It'll never stop...

Regrets... a lot!
Promises... too many broken!
Forgiveness... too many to ask!

Be free!

You'll always be my Kubuntu, my Debian, my Fedora, and my Gentoo.
Quarrels... and Bickering...
No matter... it stops today.

Like the song I love playing in Amarok!
I'll Remember You and LFO's Girl on TV (the songs playing on our first kiss in my DJ's booth)

Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth will rest for a while.

I'll convert them back from OGG to MP3 so I can play them in my S1 Mp3 Player.
So I can always bring them with me...


I hope my Kubuntu won't do the same thing!
Same old errors, something I can understand.
Not your enigmatic answers when you snap back at me!

No matter how hard it is for me, your Windows XP SP2 partition and your MS Office files will remain intact, with my love.
Permit me to access them using OpenOffice.
Permit me to convert your favorite GIFs and JPEGs to PNGs.
And please allow me to convert your favorite Mp3's to OGG so I can always play them and remember you.

It's for the weak!
It's for the weak!
It's for the weak!
It's for the weak!

Time for me to accept this and move on...
Time for me to get over this shit feelings...

So I can compile my kernel
So I can compile my KDE
So I can install my ntfs-3g

During those long compile times... I will remember you.
I will see your face while cryptic messages scrolls up.
I will remember your kiss while booting my custom kernel.

Yes, that's how much I love you.
As long as I have my Linux, you will always be right beside me.

Goodbye... my lovely Rose! @>-,-'--

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