Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Google Linux

I just read an article from The

If this pushes through, I'll be having a ball. No, it's not Google making their own Linux that's making me smile right now... it's the code that they'll be contributing to the community.. and adopted to make a better OS. Picasa.... as far as I can remember, they gave away their code used to port a win32 app to Linux.

Commercial? Doesn't matter... as long as it works.

Google: The Next Microsoft.... no, they still listen to what people wants... and they're not obnoxious.

Incompatibility... no, I'm pretty sure that they will make sure it works. On the plus side, the code that will benefit the whole Open Source community. Virtualization... WINE... just imagine.

Instability... no, Linux is already notorious for being very stable and hardened. A little bit of an aesthetically pleasing OS would really serve the community at large.

Reputation... Yes! It's reputation has already influenced millions (probably billions) or users worldwide. A Linux distro from Google may be the only thing we need to make converts out of skeptics. Who would you believe? A billion dollar company like Microsoft or the computer guy next door? I'll believe in Google.

As far as I can remember, all its' services has never failed me. And I'm pretty sure millions would say "My sentiments exactly!"

Google OS... Converts... Microsofts' Downfall... I like!

On a side note, once they decide to make one, they'll make sure win32 apps also works. Who knows, Half-Life 2 running on Linux without emulations...

rambling again!

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