Saturday, February 03, 2007

The RAM and the PS

My last post contains my problem with my 128MB SDRAM failing. Well, it was actually my Generic 250watt Power Supply. I kept on installing a PCI card and 3.5in drives that I forgot to calculate my power consumption. Yeah, it was my PS and I will replace them once I have money to spare. Since I have a SmartBro connection, I think I can live without a PCI NetoDragon soft-modem, I won't need it anyway, at least for now. I should've known better not to buy a PhP 300 PS.

regrets... regrets... regrets...

As for my blog, I haven't have time posting some updates since I haven't been using Linux for weeks, well, all that's going to change. I'm now part of the Customer Ownership Team on our account and this will give me less stress and fewer people to think about (myself).

Anway, I think I can now juggle blogging, re-making my site (which is hosted by while my registrar it still Netfirms) using Joomla!, active participation/contribution to ubuntu-ph, igorot-linux, joomla!, 110mb, and Gentoo, my personal project, 98/ME/2000/XP Virtual Desktop, and installing and using Linux.

Aside from my Linux Diaries, I've also created a few more blogs that'll focus on my interests:

The Life of Arwen Venom: pics and comments of my daughter, Arwen Venom Umaming

Tech Support Freak: which is my call center life

Call Center Management: contains tips and stuff I've read in a book, I've applied to my agents before, and management stuff that my Coaches and Managers are doing

Starting C++: learning C++ as a beginner


The Magician: my expedition to the world of Hermetics

of course all my other projects like my personal Knowledgebase and Virtual Desktop would be posted on my Knightlust site.

Yeah, this might sound obnoxious, but you'll be seeing a lot of me online.