Thursday, June 21, 2007

Authorware and Photoshop

Been playing with WINE and I tried installing a few more applications I used in Windows.

Here's my Adobe Photoshop 7.01

And here's my Macromedia Authorware 7

I know they're old versions but I won't spend money for a newer version that I'm not going to use anyway. Too bad I gave my Macromedia Flash MX to a friend, I wouldn't know if it'll installl on my system.

Also, I tried install Microsoft Visual C++ 6 and my dad's AutoCAD 2005 and AutoCAD Maps 2000 (?) but only Visual C++ 6 installed. Never got it to work though, but it installed.

Also tried installing Half-Life (the first one), Stronghold, Unreal Tournament, and Battle Realms. Sorry, can't get a screenshot, I either get an error if I used the game's internal screenshot tool and KSnapshot doesn't work.

Are you stil using Windows?

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