Sunday, June 17, 2007

Email Address change and Mailing List Subscription

I spent the whole day today unregistering and registering from and to my KDE and Ubuntu Mailing Lists (all 62 of them). I decided to use knightlust at as my primary method of contact and I have to do this so I can post to the said lists.
I also registered to Xfce and the Linux Kernel Mailing Lists... Whoo Boy! I didn't heed the warning that LKML has a very high traffic and got around 50 posts in less than 1 hour. Well, I don't mind. It's a small price to pay. Besides, I'm really intent on spending my free time contributing to a good cause, not to mention that I'll learn something new... everyday.... especially processes.
But before I go all out, I still have a few more things to take care of. Firstly, the FOSS@School Seminar this June 29, 2007 which will be attended by teachers and educators from (if the information I got is accurate) the Bicol Region. I'll be focusing on my presentations and handouts this coming days. After that, I'll be working on the's Drupal theme. And then build up a portfolio (for my CV). All of these while testing apps, reporting bugs, triaging bugs, and blogging for profit (hehe!).
I almost forgot, I might be blow off my C++ migration plans for the mean time while I focus on Web Applications... that's my calling.... for now. Web 2.0 (starting to get old) baby! Maybe I'll get back to KDevelop, Qt4, NetBeans, Anjuta, and Eclipse after a month or two. Why so many IDE's? I'm teaching myself skills, not IDEs. I should be able to code on any IDE, including Kate.
For my web training, I'll be using Bluefish, Quanta, and Kompozer.
I'm sleepy... I'm gonna hit the sack now.

- via email