Friday, June 01, 2007

Tribe 1 freeze ahead

I just received this email from ubuntu-devel-announce list. If you are
interested in helping with Gutsy, please feel free to click on the links
below and try it out on your system, I would recommend you try it on a
separate partition or hard drive. So main focus would be Package

Help out, you won't be sorry....

-- Forwarded Message --

Hello Ubuntu developers,

the community is craving for new "Linux for Primate Beings", so we
will give them the first testing milestone of Gutsy Gibbon, called
"Tribe 1" on next Thursday [1].

We are about to freeze main by Tuesday. Please get in touch with a
member of the release team if you have changes you need to get into
this milestone and which are not in the archive already. In
particular, if you have important outstanding merges to do, please do
them now.

Please also help reducing package inconsistencies, as listed on is the list of bugs
which are targeted to be fixed for Tribe 1. Since this milestone was
just created in Launchpad, it is empty right now. Please feel
encouraged to milestone show-stopper bugs if you think that they are
essential to get fixed for the Tribe release; if in doubt, please err
on the safe side and set the milestone, so that the release team can
review it. Please also look from time to time to see if there are any
bugs there which could use your help.


Martin Pitt
on behalf of the Ubuntu release team