Saturday, June 23, 2007

Customized Homepage

Google's Customized Homepage, for me, is too sluggish and the plain old Google Search Page is, well, too plain. I decided to create my own page instead.

As you can see, I have there 4 search fields which I regularly use (I'm using Google for this) in the middle of the page, a tasks list on the left column and the Fridge RSS on the right. I also have Google Notebook, that way i can keep my notes without fear of losing them. On the right column, I also have Launchpad, Ubuntu/Kubuntu, KDE, and Xfce links which I regularly go to. And on the right, I have my internally hosted sites, those which I use for training. Below them, are a few more links like Google Services, links to webmails, KDE, Qt, and News links.

A friend commented on this... why not use Firefox's bookmarks? Well, if it's hidden, I tend to forget they're there. Besides, I've got literally thousands of links saved on my bookmarks. Even though they're organized, I don't think I'll easily find what I'm looking for. Especially those that I usually go to. Besides, having those links on the homepage itself isn't bad. One middle click and there it is, not to mention that I don't have to click on Bookmarks, then search for the link every time I have to open individual pages. For me, this is much more convenient.

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