Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just wanted to post the pictures of my computers

See the title...

This is my HP NX9040 Laptop and my eMachines T2798

And this is my upgraded generic system with 3.0GHz/512MB/80GB.
Here's the CPU with my SmartBro PoE and UPS sitting on top of my box

And of course my AOC LM525 15" LCD Monitor with my teeny-weeny Matrix keyboard and teeny-weeny A4-Tech mouse

And lastly, my HP DeskJet 5160 Printer and Genius Colorpage Vivid 4X

And, this is so like me, the this system is just a foot away from my bed. I've been spending way too much of my waking hours in front of it. I gotta get a life.

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