Friday, August 10, 2007

Another Convert & Gem GL-821A Reconfiguration

Kubuntu has another convert, and his name is Cyrus Nazareno. He's sick and tired of Windows' run32dll problems and installers that keeps on failing and resuming every 10mins consuming precious system resources.

He's my kid sister's boyfriend. So he asked me for help. I laughed at his problem and suggested he use Ubuntu. But since he liked my desktop, he requested that I install Kubuntu on his machine.

So there it is. He came by our house with his CPU. I used the Recovery Disks that came with his HP system to restore Windows, then resized HDD using Knoppix - Ubuntu Live CDs aren't really equip with the tools for recovery and forensics, that's why I always download Alternate CDs.

So there it is, after 2 hours, I got Windows and Kubuntu working side by side. I gave Kubuntu 120GB of disk space, that left windows with 60GB.

After that, I downloaded Media Codecs, Flash, Java, Media Players, Firefox & Thunderbird, DVD Rippers, VLC, GTK-Gnutella, KOffice, Abiword & Gnumeric, KMyMoney, etc. etc. etc. Oh, and I also downloaded the upgrades.

After a few hours, we tested it and everything's working well. He's particularly impressed with Package Management and how everything's stored in the repository. So he packed up his CPU and went home at around 6PM.

By 6:30, he called me up and asked why he's having some weird problems with his monitor. I asked for the Manufacturer and Model Number (which is Gem GL-821A) and assisted him in reconfiguring xserver-xorg through the phone. It seems that by default, the refresh rate's at 80-85Hz and his monitor can't handle it. Reconfiguring xserver-xorg didn't work so I asked him to come over tomorrow with his CPU and Monitor and see what I can do.

Today, I got to work on his (w00t w00t) 17" Monitor and again tried to reconfigure xserver-xorg. I tried again, but this time going advanced. I tried searching Google for a User Manual because I need the Horizontal and Vertical Sync Ranges. No Luck!

But I did come across this page, it says; HKR,"MODES\1024,768",Mode1,,"30-60,50-75,+,+".

What the... Oh well, I used 30-60 and 50-75. Then started KDM.

That fixed it!

Woohoo! Kubuntu's pretty slick on this monitor - and I'll be getting me one of those soon. He brought his CPU and Monitor home after thanking me. It's been over 3 hours and he hasn't called for any problems.

Kubuntu works! Nice job Devs!

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