Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Guarddog and Gmail

I just finished setting up Gutsy only to find out that I can't send emails via
Gmail - TLS/587. Found out it's because of Guarddog. Configured it for an
hour, got tired, and replaced it with Firestarter.

I'm now getting fond of Firestarter. Guarddog is too restrictive for me since
I've been launching and pulling out services every now and then. At least for
Firestarter, I can easily create and/or delete rules. It also features
real-time monitor on who's logged in to my PC - which has been moonlighting
as a multi-purpose server, who got blocked with what service, etc.

Maybe I'll work with Guarddog and incorporate some features I like once I'm
done with my little project. But for now, I gotta focus on my packaging
skills and Flock.