Friday, August 03, 2007

Got my 1Mbps DSL service

Ayt! Been surfing the whole day when I realized that everything seems faster. I thought it's because of my Gutsy upgrade, but when I did a speedtest, I found out that my service has indeed been upgraded.... not because of Gutsy.

It's time I get a router. I'm getting a cheap one by the way. One from TP-Link. It costs only PhP 1,000 and it's just a regular router. Nope, I don't need a Linksys or a D-Link, which costs PhP 2,000, since I'll be upgrading this soon anyway to a wireless... That is, once I have money for a PCMCIA card for my laptop and 2 PCI 802.11g's for my other desktops.

I'm currently setting up my Postfix, LAMP, QPopper, Squirrelmail, and GForge. I'll also go purchase another domain, probably for the family. Now, I only need a fanless machine I can leave on 24/7.

Woohoo! DSL.... Good!

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