Monday, August 27, 2007

Personal SVN Repository

After a few days of intensive testing (importing, deleting, and committing), I finally have a stable Subversion Repository. I'll be using this to manage my and Jucato's codes. Yeah, we're code-buddies - if there's such a term.
It's stored on my /var partition with around 7GB of free disk space and can be accessed using the Command-line or by using a client. The address is:

However, after three weeks, you should access it using or svn:// since I'll be linking my domain name to my box.

This has a few drawbacks though, since I don't have a dedicated server, the site will go offline whenever I go to sleep. Hey, I can't afford a 24/7 workstation *slash* server since my box eats a lot of power... Translation? Electricity bill! But after a few months time, I'll go get myself a mini-itx fanless box that'll act as my server. It only eats up less than 18 watts and will greatly help with my utility bills. Until that time though, I cannot provide a 24/7 uptime. Heh!

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