Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Setup

I've had a new setup two weeks ago. I just wanted to experiment with the arrangement first before I decide to publish this. But, as usual, I didn't have the time to redecorate and just decided to stick with my new and current setup/arrangement.

I placed all of my computers in the living room. This way, I have access to all three of them. This is my main machine, two weeks ago, I installed Gutsy Tribe 3.

And this is my other workstation, it's right beside my main one. I reinstalled Xubuntu Feisty on this one. Needed it for testing and advocacy stuff.

This is how it looks like if I step back.

And yeah, that's my kid watching something in YouTube and browsing
And she's also using Xubuntu! Now tell me again, you don't want to use Linux because it's hard? Then how come my 3 year old daughter's using it. Don't tell me you're just too damn stupid!

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