Friday, August 31, 2007

eGroupware Screenshots

Been wanting to install a groupware suite for a few weeks now, and I was able to last Tuesday. I went from eGroupware to Kolab to PHPGroupware to Scalix to Zimbra to OpenGroupware, and then finally, back to eGroupware.

I've been eyeing Kolab but I just didn't know how to configure it. I installed it from the repository, and then spent a day looking for ways to configure it, but failed. The Kolab Documentation failed to help me as well. And there's no article anywhere regarding Kolab installation in the Ubuntu forums and wiki. As for the others, some allowed me to install it, some won't. Some allowed me login, some won't - even with correct usernames and passwords. I gave up and went back to eGroupware - the only application from the repository which allowed me to install, login, and configure. It's very sluggish, mind you, but I still need a groupware suite. I'm just afraid that the developers might've compromised speed over user-friendliness. But who cares, I'll rarely use it. What matters is the email via IMAP (which works like a charm in eGroupware) and its' XMLRPC'd calendar. Which me and Jucato would be using to keep track of each other's schedules.

I'll probably spend a few hours configuring eGroupware, but that's just aesthetics. I'll probably do it on a weekend. Here's a few screenshots.

Here's the Home:

Here's the Email Page

Here's the Calendar

Here's the Addressbook

Here's the Project Manager

Here's the TimeSheet

Here's the File Manager

And here's the Site Demo Page

We also have a Work Flow module

a Wiki

And here's the the Site Manager

News Administration

And lastly, the Knowledge Base

There's a lot more modules available, but I disabled them because I know we won't use it - at least not in the near future. And the screenshots, here, it ain't much. But that's because I haven't populated it with data. Oh, I'll use them alright, but not right now. Also, I love the Project Manager module. It still lacks features found in TaskJuggler and KPlato, but it's enough for collaborative uses.

Now if only I can tweak this to make it faster. It is, afterall, soooo slow.

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